Best Fishing Boat Upgrades Available at Scout

If you want the best boat for your fishing needs, you should add features that enhance your overall experience. Take a look at our best fishing boat upgrades available at Scout, and add them to your dream boat with our Build Your Scout tool. Create the perfect craft with the following enhancements.


If you want to enhance your fishing experience, you should add outriggers to your vessel. These are essentially additional fishing poles that are mounted to the side of the boat. They are larger, stronger, and allow you to drag various baits and lures through the water, enhancing your chance of catching a trophy fish.

Marine Fighting Chair

When a large fish is on the end of your line, such as a full-sized tuna or marlin, you need to give yourself every advantage. Reeling in these massive monsters can be hard on your arms, shoulders, and back, but you can enhance your chances of success with a marine fighting chair.

Upgraded Leaning Post

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By upgrading the leaning post on your Scout Boat, you are giving your craft a wide variety of advantages. First of all, you’ll have a better tackle station so you can store your tackle and access it immediately. If you intend to catch top-quality fish, this is an essential feature. You’ll also have an enhanced folding helm chair for additional convenience and comfort as wells as an Igloo cooler, which helps keep beverages and food cold for hours and hours.

Power Assist Hydraulic Steering

Larger boats can be difficult to control, but with power assist steering, you have more control over the vessel which makes it easier to place the craft exactly where you want. With this upgrade, you will have a lighter steering load and increased steering comfort.

Gyro Stabilizer

The ocean can be a rolling, turning, tumbling experience, but if you have a stabilizer under the deck, you will notice far less roll. This will make the boat more enjoyable, especially for people who get seasick.

Garmin Display Screens

Garmin makes some of the finest display screens for boats. When you add this technology to your boat, you will have all the information you need about the water conditions in an easy-to-use and organized layout.


With a good radar, you can stay informed on weather conditions that are coming your way. This information is crucial for maintaining complete safety on the water.

Add the Upgrades You Desire by Building Your Own Scout

Now that you know the best fishing boat upgrades available from Scout, create the perfect boat for your needs with all the features you desire with our Build Your Scout tool. You’re able to choose everything from the model of boat to all the fine details down to the color of the helm. If you want to design a boat that checks all of your boxes, give this tool a try today!