Fastest Bay Boats From Scout

In the boating industry, certain terms are often used to position a product in the market. “Bay boat,” for example, is used to describe medium-sized boats that are excellent for fishing and boating in bays. Bay boats fill a niche between smaller flats boats that are excellent for shallow waters and larger boats that are intended for open seas. Flat boats can rarely be used safely in the open ocean, while large off-shore boats can’t reach shallow fishing destinations. With a bay boat, you get a nice balance between the two. Discover some of the fastest bay boats from Scout.

Why A Bay Boat?

Bay boats emerged around 2005 and have become increasingly popular in the market. They are able to fish in shallow areas using a trolling motor, and they are also able to fish in the open waters if the weather is decent. In most cases, they are about 22 to 26 feet in length and have a shallow draft, a center console, and a spacious casting deck. They usually have short gunwales to allow for access to the water. A shorter gunwale will also make it easier to fully submerge a trolling motor. This is because if the gunwale is too tall, the trolling motor cannot reach without a long shaft.

The specific features found on these boats will vary by personal needs, but with a shallow draft, decent length, and stable hull, they fill the needs of many boaters across the country.

Fast Bay Boats From Scout

One of the features you need from a boat is speed. By having a fast boat, you’ll be able to cruise across the water quickly so you can spend more time fishing. Here are some of the fastest bay boats from Scout.

251 XSS

251 XSS

The 251 XSS is a fast and efficient bay boat. This vessel can reach up to 56 mile per hour when properly equipped, yet has the ability to deliver efficient fuel use. When cruising at 3,500 RPMs with the Yamaha F300XCA motor, the 251 XSS gets 3.52 miles per gallon. To car drivers, this might not seem very good, but boat owners know this is a great stat for fuel efficiency. This boat isn’t just fast, it’s also comfortable and luxurious. The craft has console seating and a revolutionary T-top glass enclosure, which gives it a clean, modern appearance.

231 XS

231 XS

When you want speed from a bay boat, you need to consider the 231 XS. This craft has the right performance standards to help you travel swiftly across the water. When equipped with a Yamaha F300XCA motor, it can reach a top speed over 60 miles per hour. Like all of our boats, it’s also efficient. With the same engine, it reaches 3.7 miles per gallon when traveling at 3,500 RPM. Even if it has a smaller engine, it can reach speed and efficiency. With the Yamaha F200XCA motor, it has a top speed of almost 49 miles per hour. And when cruising at 25.6 miles per hour it achieves 4.93 miles per gallon.

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