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Dual Console vs Center Console Boats: Sport Fishing

If you’ve decided to purchase a luxury boat, congratulations are in order. You’ve made a decision that will enhance your lifestyle, help you bond with family, and give you a hobby that you’ll enjoy for years. Deciding to buy a boat is easy. Deciding on what type of boat, however, is the hard part. When it comes to buying a sport fishing boat, the question is usually a matter of a dual console vs center console boats.

Two types of boats, the dual console and the center console sport fishing boats, are very popular with boaters all over the country. Each has its unique advantages and each can be built to your specific needs. So how can you decide between the two? It all comes down to what you will be doing with your new boat.

Dual Console vs Center Console Boats

Dual Console


Most dual console boats are made for lounging, cruising, and relaxing. They often have more room for lounging near the front of the boat, allowing people to lay out and relax in the summer sun. For casual days on the water, a dual console boat offers the comfort and space many boaters desire. Dual console boats also offer better weather protection, as the cockpit covers the entire width of the boat, allowing passengers to find shelter during a rain shower or windy weather.

If you are looking for a versatile boat for pleasure cruising, skiing, and general boating, then a dual console boat will suit your needs.


Dual console boats have a few disadvantages. For starters, they have less room on the deck floor, as more space is needed for seating. They can also be less convenient for fishing.

Dual Console vs Center Console Boats

Center Console


Center console sport fishing boats are generally made for one purpose; you guessed it, fishing. With a center console sport fishing boat, an angler has access to all sides of the vessel, so they can cast off the front, back, and sides with ease. This is especially handy if an angler hooks a large fish, as they can work the trophy from front to back with fewer obstructions along the rail. While the cockpit area is smaller, the helm can be bigger (because there’s only one console at the center) allowing for more features, such as controls, convenience, and entertainment equipment.

In most cases, center console sport fishing boats are for dedicated anglers who live in areas that don’t require as much weather protection.


Before you buy a center console sport fishing boat, you should be aware of their disadvantages. Unlike a dual console, finding protection from the weather can be more difficult in a center console boat. This is because the cockpits, while canopied, are not usually covered on all sides.

Dual Console vs Center Console Boats: What’s Right For You?

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