Dual Console Boats

275 Dorado

If you are considering buying a boat, you have a lot of decisions to make. What size do you need? How much power should it have? What features do you want?

One of the most first decisions is whether or not you should get a dual console boat. While they’re not for everyone, a dual console boat may be the right choice for your specific needs.

What is a Dual Console Boat?

A dual console boat is one of the most popular types of boats on the water. As opposed to a center console boat, which has the helm at the center, a dual console has the helm along the right side, with another seat along the left and open space in between. They have seating on the front and the back, often situated along the edges with space in the middle.

A dual console boat will often have lounging areas in the front and rear, usually situated so people have enough room to layout, sunbath, and relax.

Advantages of a Dual Console Boat

Versatility is one of the main advantages of a dual console boat. They are generally good boats for both cruising through the water and fishing, and offer all-around comfort for driver and passengers.

Dual console boats are also very spacious, especially when it comes to seating. You can often fit many people on one dual console boat, while other models might leave your group felling a little cramped. They are great for lounging, as the seating is laid out to allow for sunbathing and relaxation.

Because of the design, center console boats often have more dry storage as well, which makes them more convenient for long outings with families and children.

Dual Console Boats from Scout

275 Dorado
Our largest dual console boat, the 275 Dorado gives you all the amenities you want, including two fish boxes, a 152-quart cooler, a self-bailing cockpit, and completely private head with a locking door.

245 Dorado
Measuring 24 feet, the 245 Dorado offers room for ten people and all the convenience features you could ask for. It comes with a full bow rail and eco twin swim platforms, making it safe and convenient for the whole family.

225 Dorado
If you want an efficient, fast, and versatile dual console boat, the 225 Dorado is a great choice. It has a fold-down table, a removable stern seat with wave gate, and a walk-through door for simple and safe access.

210 Dorado
With a sleek design and powerful Yamaha engines, the 210 Dorado can handle nearly any activity on the water. It has comfortable captain’s chairs, an aerated livewell, and enough seating for eight people.

177 Dorado
If you want the convenience of a smaller boat with the exceptional comfort of a dual console Scout Boat, then the 177 Dorado is sure to make you happy. It can handle five people and give everyone comfort while riding on the water.

Perfect Dual Console Boat for Your Needs

When you are ready for a top performing fishing boat, make sure you have a Scout. Contact us if you are interested in receiving more information about Scout’s dual console boats.

With excellent designs, advanced materials, and a meticulous build process, a Scout is the boat you need for years to come.