Designing Our Most Fuel Efficient Boats

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when buying a new boat. By using less fuel, you can take longer trips and get more enjoyment from every dollar you put into the gas tank. While efficiency might seem like something only car buyers are concerned about, it’s actually an important part of purchasing a boat as well.

At Scout, we are proud to manufacture some of the most fuel efficient boats on the water. With special features, sleek designs, and advanced engines, a Scout boat will give you more time on the water with every tank of fuel!


A major component of fuel efficiency for boats is the hull design. Your boat needs to cut through the water with minimum drag. At Scout Boats, we have crafts ranging from 17 to 42 feet, so it would make little sense for us to use the same hull design for each. These boats aren’t the same size, shape, or weight—so why would you want the same hull design?

Many other boat manufacturers use the same basic design for all of their crafts. This means that boats at the large or small end of their lineup are sacrificing performance and efficiency. Fortunately, Scout has a hull design specifically built for all of our size classifications.


At Scout Boats, we use three specialized hull designs to create a more fuel-efficient boat. Each one of these hulls is made for a specific size-category, allowing different crafts of different proportions to have a structure that is uniquely tailored to maximize performance and efficiency.

  • NuV3 Hull Design. This design is a marvel of engineering that allows our smaller boats to maintain efficiency and performance. It also creates a smooth, dry ride while delivering speed and acceleration. Like all good hull designs, it helps the boat get to plane faster, reducing drag and resulting in even greater efficiency.
  • Air Assist Hull Design. This type of hull is made with a three-piece design that gives our medium-sized boats better efficiency and stability. It adds longitudinal buoyancy and decreases the time it takes for the craft to reach a plane. This design significantly improves handling while once again creating a more fuel-efficient boat.
  • Stepped Hull. This hull is used on our larger boats to achieve roughly 10 to 15% more performance over conventional hulls—all while giving a similar dead-rise. To create a dryer, faster, and better-performing boat, we have intentionally reduced the hull’s wetted surface. This allows for maximum performance while achieving a reduction in overall fuel use.

With these three incredible hull designs, our boats are more efficient while maintaining superior performance, acceleration, and handling.


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