Creating Excellence in a World Class Facility

Scout Boats is proud to be a leader in the fishing boat industry. We create some of the finest vessels on the water, delivering comfort, performance, and luxury to docks all over America.

Each and every Scout comes through our state-of-the-art facility, where our culture of excellence is put into action. There are many departments that make up our manufacturing facility, and we’d like to share a few examples to show you how Scout Boats is always creating excellence.

Meticulously Clean Facility

Before we can even mention individual departments and areas, we need to talk about the cleanliness of our facilities. It doesn’t matter how advanced your technology is, if we have a plant that is cluttered and dirty, we can’t build a great product. Messes not only lead to lower quality, they also create safety hazards, and therefore keeping a clean facility is part of our safe working environment.

At Scout, we believe that the environment where people work will effect the final results, so each department thoroughly cleans their surroundings. Anyone familiar with the boat-building industry will know that this is an uncommon trait. Many plants have messy work stations and cluttered facilities, but we take pride in being exceptional, and this includes the cleanliness and organization of our facility.

The Test Tank

Test Tank
Hand-picked boats from Plant A, which creates our smaller boats, and all boats from Plant B, which builds boats larger than 24 feet, get taken to our test tank, an advanced piece of equipment that tests them in moving water. The test tank also showers rain on the boat, which allows us to test the joints, hatches, and other connecting points for leaks. This is part of our thorough Quality Control process, and it has become a vital component in our facility.

Small Parts Department

Small Parts Department
All the components that are attached to a Scout are created by our team in the small parts department, including the consoles, boxes, stringer systems, and more. We achieve near perfection in our parts thanks to an advanced cold-press operation, which we developed in-house. The molds go through a gel-coating booth before rolling to a pneumatic press, which applies a tremendous amount of pressure until the part cures. With this system, we achieve a world-class finish that has become standard for all Scout Boats.

Light Tunnel

Light Tunnel
In normal factory lighting, it can be hard to spot minor blemishes and scratches. When you get out on the water, however, the bright sunlight will illuminate any imperfections in the finish. For this reason, we invested in an advanced light tunnel, which replicates bright sunlight and helps us spot areas that need more attention. We wheel each boat into the light tunnel, ensuring the perfect finish when it’s delivered to you.

These are just a few examples of what makes up our state-of-the-art facility, located in the beautiful city of Summerville, South Carolina. While our facility is a source of pride, it’s our tremendous people that bring out the excellence in Scout Boats.