How to Choose the Right Marina for You

Choose Right Marina

Choosing the right craft is important but where you keep that boat is just as important. 

Whether you have recently purchased your first boat or you are a lifelong owner, finding the right marina for your vessel is critical. For this reason, it’s essential you research the marinas in your area to find the right one for your specific needs. And below we have put together some answers for how to choose the right marina for you. 

What’s the Marina’s Local Reputation

While reputations may not be accurate, and it often depends on who you ask, there is value in researching the marina’s overall reputation. The boating community is generally local and vocal, so ask other boaters what they think of the facilities you are considering. You’ll likely get valuable input, and if you notice a trend (negatively or positively), you’ll make a better decision.

Where Are They Located?

The location of the marina matters. When choosing a marina, you should find one that is within a reasonable driving distance from home and work. If it’s too far, you’ll be less likely to make the trip and enjoy your boat, which practically ruins the reason for your purchase in the first place!

Size and Depth

The more room you have, the less chance of an accident. If your boat has a width of roughly 10 feet, but the is only 11 feet wide, you are going to have trouble with the landing and collisions could happen regularly. If your vessel is difficult to maneuver, it’s especially important to have a wide slip. Depth is also important so you don’t bottom out when docking.

Are There Utilities?

Utilities are the extra little bonus of a boating and marina experience. Look for a marina that offers fuel docks with above-ground tanks, and consider facilities that offer wi-fi. Water and electricity can also make your experience more convenient. Power is especially important for maintaining the boat.

What Other Services are Provided?

Numerous marinas also offer convenience and luxury services. You may be able to find marines with dry storage,winterizing services, and haul-out and drop-in service–which is especially handy for seasonal boaters. Some marinas even offer repair services, pressure washing, and fiberglass repair. All of these make for better and more convenient boating.

Storm Preparation

What is the plan when a storm comes rolling in? Make sure your marina has a clear, laid-out plan for handling storms of all sizes and severities. If there is no plan, you’ll want to find a different marina.

Security at the Marina

Boats are easy targets for thieves, but if they can’t get into the marina, they have a hard time accessing your boat. Make sure your marina of choice has a complete 24/7 security system, preferably with on-site security guards.


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