Scout Center Console Boats With A Cabin

Center Console Boats

Center console boats with a cabin provide a more luxurious and comfortable boating experience. The cabin allows you to escape the sun and gives the boat another level of space and quality. Here are some of the best from Scout!


There are many reasons that you might choose a boat with a cabin. First of all, and probably most important, is that it provides shelter from rain and wind. When passengers want to escape and enjoy some quiet time, or simply get their heads out of the rain, a cabin provides the comfortable space they desire.

Cabins also hold a wide range of luxuries and amenities, depending on the model you purchase. You can find center console boats with cabins that have beds, private bathrooms, lounging areas, and even televisions. This gives you excellent comfort when you’re on the water and creates a world-class boating experience.

420 LXF

420 lxf
Few boats provide a cabin as luxurious as the one found in the 420 LXF, the most expansive center console boat from Scout. The cabin itself is a marvel of its own, offering a working kitchen, a 32-inch flush-mounted television, a full-sized toilet, a hot and cold sink, and stainless steel accents throughout.

You can even choose the customized cabin decorative kit, which includes towels, dishes, wine glasses, and bathroom accessories. The cabin in this exceptional boat brings you the most enjoyable boating trips possible.

380 LXF

380 lxf
The hull in the 380 LXF is engineered for exact performance, while additional fishing features allow you to target a wide range of offshore species. But it’s the outstanding cabin that makes this boat so popular. The cabin has features like DVD and CD players, a teak berth table, LED accent lighting—and the whole space is air conditioned. You can also enjoy the convertible queen berth, which allows you maximum comfort on your extended trips.

350 LXF

350 lxf
Using our innovative dual-stepped hull, the 350 LXF rides smoothly across the water. Inside the cabin, you’ll be comfortable and entertained. With amenities that include a microwave, a sink, a marine head, and overhead lights, the boat keeps everyone happy throughout the trip. In the cabin, you’ll also find a double berth with fold-up table, giving you convenience when you want to sit down and enjoy a meal or simply relax with a good book while staying out of the sun.

320 LXF

320 lxf
The deck of the 320 LXF is truly remarkable, but the cabin hides a wealth of luxuries that complete this outstanding vessel. It has a sink with Corian vanity and mirror, as well as an electric marine head that has a ten-gallon holding tank. Compared to other Scout center console boats with a cabin, the interior is smaller, but it provides plenty of comfort and convenience as you enjoy the water.


Contact Scout today to learn more about our luxury fishing boats with cabins. These vessels will give you and your family years of happiness!