Boat Vinyl Upholstery & Paint Color Options for your Scout

Upholstery and Color

At Scout Boats, we believe that boating should be a unique, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. The boat you drive should not only give you excellent performance and fantastic features, it should reflect your own personal style.

Customization is extremely important to our boats. You’ll be able to choose a wide range of features that fit your specific needs, allowing you to create a boat that is perfect for your group and your activities. You can create a boat that is right for fishing or one that allows your family to simply enjoy the water in comfort and luxury. It’s all about your personal preference.

One of the ways we allow you to customize your boat is through the design and color styles. With a wide range of color options for the hull and upholstery, our boats allow you to create something that is uniquely yours…

Color options are an important part of your boat selection, as it gives your vessel the style you want. Whether you choose a nimble bay boat or a large offshore cruiser, you’ll be able to make it look the way you prefer, inside and out.


Using an advanced gel coat system, we can create an excellent finish on the exterior or your boat. We currently offer four outstanding hull colors for you to choose.

Base Boat Color (White): The first color we offer is a classic white tone. This is the perfect color for people who want a clean, simple appearance.

Rascal Blue: This light blue looks great on warm, sunny days. It gives your boat a look that is playful yet stylish.

Aristo Blue: This darker blue looks a little more serious on the boat’s hull. It lends a sleek appearance and contrasts great on clear water.

Black: If you want the sleek, slim look of black, choose this gel coat color. Your boat will look like one of the most stylish vessels on the water.

Silver Anniversary: With the design quality of fine jewelry, our Silver Anniversary is perfect for a luxurious day cruiser.


We use advanced materials to create a seats and cushions that are comfortable, durable, and long-lasting, and you can choose from four different styles.

Stock Upholstery: This standard cushion color uses light browns and tan colors to create a style that fits in any Scout.

Italia: This upholstery is modeled after the interiors of European sports cars and has a golden tone with black piping.

Brisa: This interior is darker and has more of a vintage leather appearance. If you want a classic style, this is a great option.

Upgraded Brisa Heritage Package: This boat upholstery is slightly lighter in tone than the traditional Brisa but has unique piping and a high-luxury feel.


You can create a boat that is perfect for your specific needs. Use our Build Your Scout feature and you’ll have all the right options for creating a world-class boat that is uniquely yours.

Scout is dedicated to creating top-quality boats, so let us help you have the vessel you’ve always dreamed of!