Best Walkaround Boats From Scout

355 LXF On The Water

There are many types of boats you can choose. A large center console boat or small dual console boat are just a few of the numerous options. Many boaters, however, will prefer the ease and convenience of a walkaround boat, which is excellent for fishing as well as leisurely and relaxing boating. Scout is proud to offer some of the best walkaround boats that let you enjoy fishing and entertaining on the water.

What Are They?

Walkaround boats are marked by two specific features. The first is a small cabin, which allows for enclosed relaxation with sleeping quarters—and possibly a small kitchen and dining area, as well as a head (nautical term for bathroom). The second feature is a center console that can be walked around from all angles, allowing for 360-degree fishing as well as the ability to walk from the front of the boat to the back.

What To Look For

When you shop for a walkaround boat, keep an eye out for these important features:

  • Fishing Amenities. Look for a craft that gives you plenty of fishing amenities. Above all, these boats are used for angling, which means you need plenty of rod storage, large live wells, and easy access to the water.
  • Comfort and Luxury. It’s also useful to have comfort, such as ample seating space and comfortable materials. You might spend hours, or even days out on the water, so make sure there are luxuries to keep you happy.
  • Ample Space on the Deck. Part of enjoying a boat is having enough space on the deck so you can actually “walkaround” the boat. Make sure there is enough room so you don’t feel crammed.

Walkaround Boats From Scout

If you are looking for one of the best walkaround boats on the market, check out these options from Scout Boats:

355 LXF

355 LXF

Model Page

This is one of the best boats for fishing and pleasure cruising. At 35 feet in length, this boat has space for your group and some of the finest fishing features to your adventures.

420 LXF

Riding on Bow Seat

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Few boats offer the level of luxury that you get with the 420 LFX. Plus, this boat also offers all the right fishing features, including a large live well and an optional marine fighting chair. In the cabin, you’ll find optional features such as a coffee maker and rod storage.

255 LXF

255 Dorado

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If you want a nimbler boat that has the advantages of a top-quality walkaround boat, the 255 LXF is a great option. With this craft, you’ll get casting access from all angles of the boat, as well as a draft of only 19 inches.

Find the Right Walkaround Boat for Your Specific Needs

You deserve a boat that will keep you happy for years. Use our Build Your Scout feature to create a boat that is perfect for you and your family!