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Best Small-Cabin Cruisers From Scout

A cabin is one of the true luxuries that you can have on a boat. Giving you a sanctuary from the elements, a cabin allows you to enjoy longer trips with greater comfort. And as you might have guessed, Scout Boats has some of the best small-cabin cruisers available. Explore our featured models, and Build Your Scout today!

Advantages of a Cabin

You will discover many advantages of having a cabin on your boat. Most of all, you’ll have a comfortable, cozy place where you can escape and relax. You’ll have a place to sit back in quiet solitude away from the elements, which gives you two distinct benefits and allows you to use your boat in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

First of all, the cabin gives you a place to escape the sun on a long day of boating. You can take your children for a full day on the boat and, when needed, they can nap or simply relax in the cabin, away from the harsh sun and heat.

The other clear advantage is that you can use the boat as an overnight vehicle. You can go on trips and spend the night anchored, docked, or beached and simply enjoy the evening. This allows you to travel to places that might be out of reach if you had to head back before dark, and opens new adventuring opportunities for your boat.

355 LXF

The 355 LXF has a small but surprisingly comfortable cabin that gives you access to a wealth of features. In the cabin of the 355 LXF, you’ll find a porcelain vessel sink with a Corian vanity mirror that adds sophistication to the space. It also has a double berth, a removable teak table, and a port storage cabinet with countertops. For added convenience, there is a marine head with electric overboard that allows you to maintain cleanliness while remaining on the water for days.

380 LXF

380 LXF

This boat has a cabin made to near perfection. From the marine head to the air conditioner, it gives you everything you want for basic comfort and convenience, but it goes a step higher by also providing luxury and refinement. This boat gives you a teak table, stainless accents, and LED lighting to create a wonderful atmosphere.

420 LXF

From the outside, you can tell that the 420 LFX is a remarkable vessel, but once you step inside the small cabin, you’ll discover the true excellence of this craft. The cabin is loaded with features, including a two-burner glass stovetop, a 32-inch television, and two single beds that can be converted into a queen. It also has an AC unit to keep you comfortable during hot summer days.

Get the Luxury of a Scout Small-Cabin Cruiser

If you want to find the perfect small-cabin cruiser for your boating adventures, contact the team at Scout Boats today. We’ll help you choose the craft with the perfect size, features, and motors to ensure ideal performance and comfort.

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