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Best Boats For Partying From Scout

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Hoping to host a party on your boat? Then you need a craft that has the right size, features, and technology. With one of the best boats for partying from Scout, you and your guests will have a wonderful time on the water!

What To Look For in a Party Boat

While you can have a “party” on virtually any boat, there are some characteristics that can help ensure you’ll have a far more memorable experience. With these features, everyone will talk about your party for weeks!

· Entertainment Features. To have an enjoyable party, your guests need to have access to features like audio speakers, MP3 players, and even televisions.
· Large Capacity. It’s hard to have a party on a boat that only holds four people. Make sure the boat you purchase has enough room for your group.
· Comfortable Cabin with Head. Sometimes people need to escape the party and relax. A spacious cabin with a toilet is essential to your party.

Best Party Boats From Scout

These boats are fully loaded and ready to host your next party!

530 LXF

530 LXF

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With the 530 LXF, you will have all the space you need for a wonderful party. This incredible boat, which is currently the largest in our fleet, is 53 feet long and has a beam (nautical for “width”) over 14 feet. This gives you enough room for a large group and ensures your boat can be loaded with features—without crowding your space.

On this boat, you’ll find features to keep everyone entertained, including an XM stereo system, comfortable seating, and a television set for watching the big game.

420 LXF

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While this boat was created to be the ultimate off-shore luxury fishing craft, it still has all the amenities and features to make it a wonderful party boat. It has a large deck with space for comfortable seating upfront, and it comes standard with a summer kitchen, which includes a grill, cooler, and storage bin.

In the cabin, your guests can enjoy air conditioning, a microwave, and even a 32-inch television for people who want to escape the party and relax.

380 LXF

380 LXF

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This vessel has some amazing luxuries, including the top-quality seating found throughout the deck. One of the features that makes it such an incredible party boat is the outstanding cabin, which has a 6’4” height, a sleeping berth, and an enclosed shower and head area. These might not sound like party features, but they are useful conveniences that everyone will enjoy!

For entertaining, the deck has top-quality upholstery and an optional convertible hideaway entertainment station. This station includes a hidden sink, grill, and other features that make your party even more enjoyable.

Build Your Ideal Boat

With a Scout Boat, you’ll find luxury, refinement, and plenty of features that create an excellent party atmosphere. Use our Build Your Scout tool to create the perfect boat for your specific needs.

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