Best Dual Console Boats Over 20 Feet From Scout

Dual console boats deliver some of the finest ride quality you can have on the water. With a dual console, you have seating along both sides of the boat, creating more room and seating for all passengers. Plus, they are incredibly popular for boaters of all types and experience levels. Whether you are an experienced boater who loves to fish or a new boat owner who simply wants to take the family skiing, this type of boat will deliver the features and convenience you need. Let’s look at five of the best dual console boats over 20 feet in length from Scout.

275 Dorado

The 275 Dorado has a wealth of features, but one of its most notable aspects is the custom fiberglass built-in hardtop. This addition to the boat comes with four flush-mounted rod holders, LED lighting, and stainless steel handrails. It’s also the largest dual console boat available in our lineup, giving you ample space for all of your friends and family who want to join you on your adventures.

255 Dorado (25′ 6″)

Comfort is one of the main advantages to owning a Scout dual console boat, and you can see this highlighted in the 255 Dorado with its electronic aft-facing seat. This feature converts to a lounger and is enhanced by a fold-down aft port-side seat. The boat can even be upgraded with a grill that allows you to cook your catch without setting foot on land!

235 Dorado

If you prefer a craft that has an expertly-designed hull, choose the 235 Dorado. This boat rides on the NuV3 hull, which provides greater efficiency, ride quality, and stability while cruising across the water. With multiple rod holders, the 235 Dorado lets you take all your fishing equipment so you can target your favorite species.

225 Dorado (22′ 5″)

Also riding on the NuV3 hull, the 225 Dorado gives you nimble performance without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. The boat has plenty of family-friendly features, including dual swim platforms so you can stop and enjoy the water. With plenty of space and comfortable seating, this is a great boat for your entire group.

215 Dorado

Anglers who want to target shallow-water areas will love the 215 Dorado. This boat gives you a small profile so you can head into intertidal areas and other locations where larger boats are unable to travel. It has all the features and luxuries you’d expect from a Scout, including a fantastic stereo system, hydraulic steering, and comfortable captain’s chairs. Although smaller than many other dual console boats, it has the ability to carry nine people at one time.

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