Best Dive Boats from Scout

Diving from a boat is an activity that everyone should get the chance to experience—it is a challenging sport that can reshape how you think about nature and the ocean. Being immersed in the water’s beauty is unforgettable, but you need the right boat to have a truly enjoyable experience. Take a look at the best dive boats from Scout, and customize it to your exact needs with our Build Your Scout tool.

What To Look For in Top-Quality Dive Boats

While you can technically go diving from just about any boat, it’s best to have one that has the ideal features for this activity. With the right features, diving will be safer and more enjoyable. Here are just a few of the features and characteristics you should look for in a dive boat:

  • Swim platform. Swim platforms are not designed specifically for diving, but they can be extremely helpful for people getting in and out of the water. A swim platform will make diving more convenient.
  • Spacious deck. Diving, as you can guess, involves a lot of gear and equipment, so you need plenty of space to put on your gear and get ready for the dive.
  • Plenty of storage. It’s important to have enough storage available for all of your diving accessories.
  • Electronics and navigation. People have been diving into the sea long before electronics were invented, but you can enhance your experience with the best technology. 3D depth sounders, interactive tide charts, and VHF radio are all important components for your diving boat.

Best Dive Boats from Scout

All of the boats in the Scout lineup will work well for diving, but these three in particular are the best dive boats from Scout:

530 LXF

The 530 LXF is a large, powerful boat that provides more space and storage than any other craft in our lineup. If you want to take a large group on a diving adventure and provide luxury while doing so, the 530 LXF is the top choice.

255 Dorado

Although smaller than the 530 LXF, this boat has plenty of features that make it a wonderful option for diving. One of the most useful features is the large deck space at the rear of the boat, which provides convenient access to the water and offers plenty of room to put on and remove scuba gear. When you’re done diving, you can also enjoy luxury features like the electric lounge seat.

235 XSF

Sleek and sophisticated, the 235 XSF gives you plenty of storage and space in a boat that only measures about 23 feet in length. One of the favorite features for divers is the full transom swim platform. To make this feature, we created a longer outboard shaft and did away with the splash well so you have plenty of space to exit and enter the boat while diving.

Choose Your Dive Boat Today

You can create the ideal dive boat for your specific needs. Use our Build Your Scout tool, and you’ll be able to select the size, features, and amenities you prefer for a truly luxurious boating experience. We look forward to helping you have a fantastic time exploring beautiful waters.

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