Best Cruising Boats Under 30 Feet from Scout

When people think of a cruising boat, they often imagine a large vessel cutting across the water. However, smaller boats can still provide the same enjoyable ride as any other craft. Take a look at the best cruising boats under 30 feet from Scout, and customize your selection with fantastic features using our Build Your Scout tool.

What To Look For in a Cruising Boat

Small Boat For Ocean Fishing

If you want to get the most enjoyment from a cruising boat, it needs to have these features:

  • Comfortable seating. Cruising is all about enjoying your boat with a medium-sized to large group, so look for something that still has room for your crew.
  • Quality sound and entertainment systems. You should be able to enjoy all of your favorite music and entertainment. With a high-quality sound system and excellent speakers, your boat will be more fun during a cruise.
  • A little bit of shade. After hours on the water, you need to get out of the sun. Make sure your boat has at least some shade with a cabin or a hardtop over the helm.

Cruising Boats From Scout

Take a look at the best cruising boats under 30 feet from Scout. If you select one of these boats, you’re sure to have a great time on the water:

277 LXF

If you want a stylish cruising boat, the 277 LXF is a great choice. This boat has all the features you need to maximize your experience, including comfortable seating made from some of the finest materials on the water. It also has forward seating so that passengers can let the wind flow through their hair while sitting on plush cushions. If you decide to take a break from your cruising, the swim platform gives you easy access to the water.

255 LXF

255 lxf

You can cruise the waters in style with the 255 LXF. This craft delivers everything you need for a wonderful experience, including a deluxe fiberglass leaning post that has a companion seat with comfortable cushions. The powder-coated T-top also provides comfort and shade while you are sitting in the helm. With a large forward seating area, this craft is perfect for a large group that wants to enjoy an unforgettable cruise.

275 Dorado

275 Dorado

The boat you drive on the water should be comfortable and spacious, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the 275 Dorado. Thanks to a wealth of amenities, including custom fiberglass hardtop LED lighting and a wave gateway with folding seats, everyone can be comfortable from launch to return. Thanks to Fusion Bluetooth stereo speakers, you can also enjoy your favorite music on the water.

Create the Perfect Cruising Boat

255 LXF

Once you’ve selected your perfect cruising boat from Scout, customize it to your exact needs with our Build Your Scout feature. This will make a huge difference in your experience on the water! But, no matter what kind of boat you choose, you can always expect a durable, luxury craft when you choose Scout Boats.

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