Best Boats Under $100,000 From Scout

You don’t have to spend half a million dollars to get your next luxury fishing boat. In fact, there are plenty of top-quality options available from Scout that give you the convenience and luxury you deserve with the price you can afford.  Take a look at the best boats under $100,000 from Scout.

What To Look For in the Best Boats Under $100,000

While you need an affordable price on your next boat, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best. Even if it’s priced under $100,000, be sure to look for these features in your next luxury fishing boat:

  • Entertainment Features. No matter which boat you find, you deserve to maintain a level of luxury that allows you to entertain all of your guests.
  • Advanced Technology. Your boat under $100,000 should still have advanced technology that enhances safety and connectivity.
  • A Focus on Fishing. A luxury fishing boat needs the right features to ensure a successful and convenient day of angling.

These are the Best Boats Under $100,000 From Scout

Here are a few of the most popular boats under $100,000 available from Scout Boats:

225 Dorado 

The 225 Dorado has all the luxury features you would expect from a top-quality boat. It has a sleek design and comfortable layout so you can fully enjoy your time on the water. With the NuV3 hull, this boat easily cuts through the water, and thanks to conveniences like the fold-down table with a cooler, you can sit back and enjoy a drink while anchored. Plus, with fully-cushioned bow seating, everyone will be comfortable from the moment you leave the docks.

251 XSS

With forward seating and a sleek design, the 251 XSS gives you outstanding performance on the water. This is a hybrid model, meaning it can handle inshore water while still being able to cruise offshore. It has a draft of only 13 inches, allowing it to travel into shallow areas where you’ll find some of the best fishing possible. Add in conveniences like a rear deck and an aerated bait well, and you have a boat that is perfect for virtually any water activity.

231 XS 

231 XS

When it comes to quality and comfort, you can’t get any better than the 231 XS. This is a roomy center-console boat that gives you a smooth ride and powerful acceleration. Anglers will find everything they need on this boat, including aerated wells, plenty of space for rod storage, a large casting deck with easy access to the water, and a powerful engine that helps you reach fishing destinations quickly.

Note: Prices are subject to change and some boats could have changes in pricing. This article is for general information only; for official pricing, see our website or contact our staff.

Find the Best Boats Under $100,000 From Scout!

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