Best Boats for New Boaters: What to Look For from Your First Boat

175 sport dorado

Buying your first boat is extremely exciting. Outside of buying a home, it’s probably the most exciting purchase you can make, so you need to make your choice wisely. You may be tempted to rush out and purchase the largest or most opulent craft you can find, but you should take your time, do some research, think about your needs, and then buy the right vessel. With this handy guide, you can discover what the best boats for new boaters are and learn exactly what to look for from your first boat.

What To Look For from Your First Boat

175 Sportfish

If you are buying your first boat, you should look for a craft that has the following features and characteristics:

  • Manageable size. Most new boaters don’t have a lot of experience in operating a boat, so it’s best to find something with a relatively small size. This will allow you to better learn proper boating operation so you can move to a larger craft later.
  • Features for your favorite activities. We all enjoy different activities on a boat. Whether you like skiing or fishing, with the right features, you’ll get the most enjoyment from every adventure.
  • Decent price. While most people love owning a boat, after making a purchase, you may discover that boating is not for you. If you are buying your first boat, keep the budget low—when you discover that you absolutely love boating, you can purchase a more expensive model.

Best Boats for First-Time Buyers

While many of our boats will be ideal for first-time buyers, here are three of the top choices from the Scout Boats lineup:

175 Sport Dorado

175 Sport Dorado

Made for elite fishing adventures, the 175 Sport Dorado can help you target fish in shallow waters and intertidal areas. This is a dual-console boat with a length of 17.5 feet, making it easy for new boaters to drive and handle. It also has a full bow rail and convenient swim platform to enhance your boating experience and provide versatile enjoyment.

175 Sportfish

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The 175 Sportfish has a decent size, a thoughtful layout, and a price that is absolutely perfect for new boaters. With this craft, you will get the benefit of a 10-inch draft, which allows you to reach fish in shallow destinations. It also has captain’s chairs, a spacious front casting deck, and an aerated live well to ensure outstanding fishing.

235 XSF

The 235 XSF is only 23.5 feet in length, yet it comes loaded with top-quality features that make it perfect for your boating adventures. New boaters may love the nimble, manageable size, but you’ll also appreciate the large, comfortable deck as well as the ample fish box. Although slightly higher in price, this boat delivers excellent convenience, including a 12-volt plug and 5 USB outlets.

Find Your First Boat Today!

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We hope you enjoyed learning more about the best boats for new boaters and what to look for from your first boat. If you want to create a truly perfect first craft for your specific needs, use our Build Your Scout feature today. You’ll be able to choose the specific features, size, and amenities you’d like to suit your needs and budget!

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