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Best Boat Accessories to Add to Your Boat

To get the most enjoyment from your boat, you need to add the best accessories. Some accessories will enhance your fishing trips, while others will make the boat more comfortable. All, however, will increase your pleasure every time you take to the water. Explore the best boast accessories to add to your boat from Scout!

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Fishing Features

If you’re an avid fisher, you’ll love these custom fishing features from Scout:


These are basically long fishing poles that allow you to place more lines in the water. They are useful in open-water fishing and can be used with both lures and live bait.


With a good radar, you can stay informed on weather conditions that are coming your way. This information is crucial for maintaining complete safety on the water.

Fish-Fighting Chair

When a big fish bites, you need to be prepared with the right equipment, including a fish-fighting chair. This will hold you in place and give you the best leverage to pull in your trophy.

Garmin Display Screens

Garmin makes some of the finest display screens for boats. When you add this technology to your boat, you will have all the information you need about the water conditions in an easy-to-use and organized layout.

Stabilizer System

Being on the open ocean can cause your boat to rock and sway, which can lead to seasickness. To solve this issue, a stabilizer system can be installed in your boat, ensuring less rocking and increased comfort. If you are taking a large boat on the open ocean, make sure you have a stabilizer system.

Leisure & Entertainment Features

277 LXF Forward Seating

If you’re planning on using your boat for entertaining plenty of friends and family, consider adding the following:

Tow Hook

Whether the boat is not running or you want to tow it behind a yacht, having reliable tow hooks will be a major convenience.

Onboard Grill

Sometimes you simply can’t wait to eat. Having a grill on your boat is one of the best features for your entire group, and it will be especially handy if you are taking long trips through the open ocean.


Nature inevitably calls. If you are out at sea, it never hurts to have a head (nautical speak for bathroom) so you can relieve yourself in private.

XM Stereo

Sometimes you need to have entertainment on the boat. Few things are as important for entertaining your guests as a good audio system, including access to XM music. Make sure everyone on board can enjoy their favorite music with this accessory.

Ski Pylon

A ski pylon lifts a ski rope about three feet above the boat’s deck. This keeps it out of the water when a skier is being pulled behind the boat, and it’s considered a must-have for water sports.

Create the Perfect Boat with All the Best Accessories

These are the best boat accessories to add to your boat from Scout. If you would like to create your dream boat filled with your favorite features, use our Build Your Scout tool to create the right vessel for your needs. Select items for fishing, cruising, skiing, and relaxation to add to our superiorly designed crafts!

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