Advantages of Center Console Boats

Scout Center Console

Center console boats are a popular choice for off shore boating, fishing, and cruising around the lake.

Scout is a leader in center console designs, but do you know why so many people choose this style of boat? Keep reading to find out why a center console should be your next boat of choice.

Better View of the Area

One of the biggest reasons that people choose center console boats is the superior visibility that they offer while you are boating. Because the helm is located in the very center of the boat, you can see in all directions, as opposed to a boat with a console along the side, where visibility can be greater on to the right but blocked on the left. Drivers who want complete visibility will likely prefer a center console boat from Scout.

More Space and Storage

More Space and Storage

Boats have come a long way in storage, convenience, and space, but a center console boat will generally have a better layout for your needs. Many of the center console boats from Scout will also have an interior cabin for more space to enjoy and relax. With a center console boat, the storage areas, including rod holders, coolers, and bait wells will be placed in areas that are more convenient and easier to access.

360 Degrees of Fishing

It’s all about the fishing. One of the top advantages of a center console boat, (it’s probably the #1 advantage for most boat owners) is the ability to cast in all directions. With a boat that has the console along the side, you are essentially limited to fishing from the front and the back. This might not be much of a problem for people who are fishing by themselves or with one more person, but for larger groups, having the ability to cast from any angle is a big factor. On a center console boat, people will be able to cast with enough space so they don’t hook each other’s lines or block each other’s casts. This is especially handy if you catch a large one, as you can go all around the boat while reeling the fish and you won’t be forced to fight from a single location.

Better Balance

This is probably the most over-looked advantage to having a center-console boat. Having the right balance while cruising on the water will affect your acceleration, handling, and top speed. If you are an angler who likes to enjoy some peaceful alone time on your boat, it can be hard to get the right balance. Even when you have a passenger, the difference in weight can make a difference. With a center console boat, however, you can have a more balanced ride, and passengers can sit in front of the console, keeping your boat perfectly balanced throughout the entire trip.

Center Console Boats from Scout

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