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Scout’s Best 19’ Boats: The 195 Sportfish

Choosing a properly sized boat might seem like a challenge. There are so many options available today that finding the perfect craft for maneuverability and group comfort can seem daunting. One of the most popular sizes is a 19’ boat. At 19’, a boat can handle shallow and narrow channels while still being able to […]

Dual Console vs Center Console Boats: Sport Fishing

If you’ve decided to purchase a luxury boat, congratulations are in order. You’ve made a decision that will enhance your lifestyle, help you bond with family, and give you a hobby that you’ll enjoy for years. Deciding to buy a boat is easy. Deciding on what type of boat, however, is the hard part. When it […]

5 Ways a Luxury Fishing Boat Will Enhance Your Angling

  Any boat will get you out on the water and give you a chance to fish. A luxury fishing boat, however, does so much more. With a luxury fishing boat, your angling is enhanced, giving you more chances to have a successful day on the water. You’ll get to a fishing spot quickly, have […]

The Making of a Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Scout Boats is a luxury boat manufacturer with a strong history of excellence and innovation. Since its initial founding by Steve Potts in the 1980s, Scout Boats has made continually evolved to keep up with demands and to better serve the boating community. The guiding principle of Scout’s refined, unwavering excellence, however, has remained unchanged. […]

Our Best Center-Console Sport Fishing Boats

We take pride in building only top-quality boats. As a leader in boat design and construction, Scout Boats has a complete lineup of excellent crafts, including world-class center-console sport fishing boats. While every boat we create is exceptional, we’d like to give you a closer look at a few of our best center-console sport fishing […]

World-Class Fishing Boats from Scout Boats

Scout Boats does not use the term “world-class fishing boats” lightly or vaguely. Everything we do, from design to manufacturing to sales, keeps us among the best in the world and promotes a standard of excellence. To prove this point, let’s take a look at five luxury fishing boats from Scout Boats and what makes […]

Scout Boats Featuring Yamaha Promotions

Luxury fishing boats require superior designs and materials—but they also need an engine that can give them rapid acceleration and superior top-end speed. With the right outboard motor, your bay boat will get the most from its intelligent engineering. At Scout Boats, we make sure to provide powerful, dependable engines that give our vessels a […]

Inshore Offshore Boats: Essential for Charleston, SC Fishing

Charleston, South Carolina offers some of the best fishing in the country, and this is largely due to the wide variety of fishing options. With everything from freshwater rivers to deep blue oceans, the Charleston areas gives a local angler everything they could dream of. To truly get the most from fishing the Charleston area, […]

Why Buy a Dual Console Boat?

Dual console boats are some of the most popular on the water. Offering comfort, convenience, and space, these boats have a place on lakes, bays, and open oceans. If you are trying to decide on a dual console boat, make sure you understand the advantages of these vessels, as well as the available options within […]

Designing Our Most Fuel Efficient Boats

  Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when buying a new boat. By using less fuel, you can take longer trips and get more enjoyment from every dollar you put into the gas tank. While efficiency might seem like something only car buyers are concerned about, it’s actually an important part of purchasing a boat […]