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Online Boat Customizer: Maximize Your Boat’s Potential

  If you are making a large purchase like a vehicle or house, you need to take your time so you can make the perfect choice. You are investing a lot of money on an item you’ll have for a long time, so you deserve to search through all of the available options to find […]

Customize Your Bay Boat with These Essential Upgrades

  Even without upgrades, Scout boats are some of the finest boats on the water. However, with a few additions, you can increase your boat’s value and enhance your overall personal enjoyment. Scout offers a range of upgrades that you can add to your boat, encompassing enhanced performance, fishing, water sports and more, all to help […]

Boat Registration for Your New Craft

  Like cars and trucks, boats need proper registration to go on the water. This registration helps each state maintain quality waters, enhance safety, and ensure excellent boating for future generations. No matter what type of boat you are buying, you should understand boat registration and why it’s important.

Test Driving a Boat: What to Look for, What to Ask

  When you purchase a car or truck, you take it for a nice long test drive, making sure it has comfortable seating, a smooth ride, and all the right amenities. Shouldn’t you do the same for your boats? When you properly test a boat, you are ensuring you take home a craft that accommodates […]

Boater’s Safety Certification: The Importance of Education

  Boating is one of the best activities for anyone who enjoys being outside. Unfortunately, boating can also be dangerous if certain precautions are not followed. With the right training and knowledge, however, boating can be a safe, enjoyable hobby for many people. One of the ways to increase boating safety is to become certified […]

195 Sportfish: Fuel Efficient Boat that’s Fast & Comfortable

  If you are looking for a medium-sized, versatile fishing boat that you can use in salt or freshwater, the 195 Sportfish may be perfect for your needs. This boat has all the features you expect from a luxury fishing boat, plus the fuel-efficiency you’ll need for a full day of exceptional boating.

Finding the Best Hull Design for Your Needs

The hull of your boat is one of the most important design features. When it comes to performance, efficiency, smoothness, and stability, everything is riding on the hull. Whether you’re a nautical expert or you’re considering your first boat, understanding the basics of hull design and the value of a top-quality hull is very important. […]

Versatile 17 Foot Boat: 175 Sportfish

If you are looking for an incredible 17 foot boat that you can use for fishing, cruising, and all of your water sports, the 175 Sportfish is a great option. With a lighter profile and smaller size, it is able to handle shallow waters while you explore remote, hard-to-reach destinations. It has comfort, convenience, and […]

Why Buy A Fiberglass Boat?

We take pride in using the best possible materials on all Scout Boats. This includes premium vinyl on the seats, whale board for holding screws tight, and superior gel coat for an outstanding finish. One of the most important materials used on a Scout is fiberglass. It might not sound as sexy and appealing as […]

275 Dorado: Perfect for the Family

The Scout 275 Dorado is one of the best boats for families. With plenty of space, a convenient, comfortable layout, and family-friendly features, the 275 Dorado is excellent for cruising the water for a couple hours or an entire day. Thanks to an innovative design and advanced boating technology, this boat will make everyone in your […]