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We Are Proud to Work with the Finest Partners

At Scout, we are proud to work with some of the finest partners you could ask for. Whether it’s a company that provides superior products for our boats or an organization that improves the local community, we believe we have the best partners a business could ask for! Yamaha:  We are thrilled to mount Yamaha […]

Boat Vinyl Upholstery & Paint Color Options for your Scout

At Scout Boats, we believe that boating should be a unique, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. The boat you drive should not only give you excellent performance and fantastic features, it should reflect your own personal style. Customization is extremely important to our boats. You’ll be able to choose a wide range of features that fit […]

Boating Electronics: Proper Boat Wiring

By its very definition, a high-quality luxury fishing boat demands superior technology. With our advanced electronic systems, we can create boats that use the latest technologies that you find anywhere on land. At Scout Boats, we believe that your lifestyle of quality and comfort should continue whether you’re on land or water, so we wire […]

Flats Fishing: Tips, Fish & Boats

Flats fishing is one of the most interesting, rewarding, and visually-stimulating ways to fish. With species that are as gorgeous as the scenery, fishing the flats allows you to enjoy a highly active form of angling. Many of the people at Scout Boats love fishing the flats, and we’d like to share some of the […]

Luxury Fishing Boats: Combining Angling & Comfort

Some boats are great for fishing. They have all the features you need for storing rods, organizing equipment, and keeping your catch. Other boats offer high-quality luxury, giving you comfort and convenience features that make cruising around the water a wonderful experience. With a Scout, however, you get the best of both. You have a […]

Preparing for the Boating Season

Spring is in the air and boating season is about to begin in full. At Scout Boats, we can’t wait for the warm weather and summer sun! You can’t just rush to the water though. Before you head out, use these simple steps to prepare yourself, your equipment, and your boat for the entire year. […]

Scout’s Dorado Series: Dual Consoles at Their Finest

At Scout, we take pride in creating amazing boats that deliver comfortable rides, luxurious materials, and outstanding performance. No matter which one you choose, our boats set a higher standard for excellence on the water. Take the Dorado series as an example. This line of stunning dual-console fishing boats uses advanced hull designs, world-class interior […]

Scout Boats are Worth the Price

At Scout, we understand that a boat, which most people use for recreation and weekend fun, can be a big-ticket item. With so much on the line, purchasing a boat is certainly not something you want to do carelessly. You need to take your time, be patient, and get all the information available. Like purchasing […]

Must See Boat Shows

Boat shows are a wonderful opportunity to take in the newest models and peruse the latest in boating technology. They’re also great for a day of water-related entertainment, giving any boater the total package. If you love boat shows, put these eight on your bucket list.

Stunning Scout Boats: Combining Art With Engineering

If you are purchasing a boat, you deserve to have something that not only performs perfectly, but also stands out visually from every other boat on the water. At Scout Boats, we take pride in crafting boat that looks great, not only in the showroom, but on the water. Our boats are made to look […]