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Tips for Making Time to Go Boating

Let’s face it, people are busy. Between your career, your social life, being a parent, and simply relaxing, it can be tough to find time for activities like boating. However, you bought a boat for the open water, not to sit in a garage or stay anchored at a marina. If you have a boat, […]

Scout Boats’ 2015 Year in Review

Scout Boats has a rich history of quality, performance, luxury, and reliability. 2015 was another successful year, with new models, expanding facilities, and more people added to the Scout family. It was an exciting year that was full of new and unique challenges, but thanks to our ingenuity, creativity, and high-quality team, we met these […]

9 Great Holiday Gifts for Boaters

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the boater in your life? Have you bought them everything you can think of, and need a few ideas for this season? Then your friends at Scout Boats want to help. Since we are boaters ourselves, we know what boaters love! Here are a few ideas to […]

7 Saltwater Fish that are Great for Winter Anglers

Think winter is the time to put away your rods and store your boat? Think again. At Scout, we make fishing part of every boat we create, and we want to help you enjoy your vessel all year long. With that in mind, here are seven saltwater fish that you can target throughout the winter […]

How to Build Your Own Scout

Everyone has different needs, tastes, and preferences. This goes for food, cars, houses, hobbies, and clothing. It also goes for boats. You may need a small boat for fishing in intertidal areas. You may need a large boat for offshore adventures. Maybe you want to host family gatherings and need a boat that can accommodate […]

Tips for Winterizing Your Boat

For many people across the country, winter means taking their boats out of the water and putting it into storage for three or four months. The fishing, swimming, and boating season is over, and it’s time to get out the heavy jackets; maybe even the snow skis. If you are giving your boat a break […]

Marinas: What Every Boat Owner Needs to Know

Boating is one of the best experiences in life, but finding a place to store your boat can be a hassle. If you keep it at home, you need to haul it to the water and launch it every time you go out. You also have to load it up and find a place to […]

How to Use Your Fishfinder to Catch more Fish

For many anglers, fishing without a fishfinder is like driving without a steering wheel. Okay…maybe that example is a little extreme, but fishfinders are still important tools for anglers all over the country. From commercial fishermen who depend them to make a living to professional anglers who compete and win with their help, a fishfinder […]

What Boat Owners Should Know About Tides

Boaters need to consider many factors, including wind, current, and water depths. They also need to be knowledgeable about the tides. Anyone who wants to own a boat in a coastal region should have a strong understanding of the tidal changes. They can effect how you boat, how you fish, and where you can go, […]

What Every Boat Owner Should Know About Boat Insurance

Boating is an exciting way to enhance your lifestyle. It should be about fun, friends, and family, but sometimes you have to talk about the serious stuff. Boat insurance, for example, is one of those topics that might not be very exciting, but it’s something every boat owner should understand. With the right coverage, you […]