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What To Look For In The Best Center Console Boat Brands

There are hundreds of boat brands on the market, so how can you possibly know which one is right for your needs? If you take the time to learn about each one, it becomes clear what the best center console boat brands are. Be sure to look for these qualities in a boat brand before […]

The Scout 320 LXF: An Incredible 32-Foot Fishing Boat

Sleek, sharp, and sexy, the 320 LXF is the perfect example of Scout’s dedication to comfort, luxury, and advanced engineering. From front to back, this 32 foot fishing boat is loaded with refinement, including top-quality materials, abundant fishing features, and a hull that creates one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience. We are extremely […]

Center Console Saltwater Fishing Boats From Scout

There’s something magical about saltwater fishing. Not to take anything away from the rustic beauty freshwater lakes and rivers, but saltwater fishing, with crystal-blue waters, colorful species, and massive trophies, can capture your heart like no other outdoor sport. To fully enjoy the beauty of the ocean, you need the right vessel. For most people, […]

Our Best Offshore Fishing Boats

  Ready to go offshore fishing? Then you need to have the right boat for the job. You need size, performance, and comfort. Above all, you need the right fishing features to make your trip a success. With a full supply of excellent fishing vessels, Scout Boats has exactly what you need for memorable excursions. […]

Our Best Small Boat For Ocean Fishing

If you ask about ocean fishing, most people will tell you: you need a large boat, something 35-feet or longer. But thanks to the incredible research and development department at Scout, you can have a small boat and still go fishing on the ocean. So what’s the best small boat for ocean fishing? We have […]

Fast Fishing Boats From Scout

We don’t mean to brag, but every boat in our lineup has both speed and acceleration. Our innovative, specifically designed hulls and top-quality engines make for the very best in fast fishing boats. From our largest boat to our smallest vessel, we create boats that swiftly cruise across the water, giving you a smooth ride […]

Our Best Center Console Boats Under 25 Feet

A center console boat is perfect for people who want a little bit of everything. Outside of deep sea fishing, center console boats under 25 feet can handle just about any task. You can take people fishing in shallow intertidal areas, bays, and nearshore locations. You can load up the group and have dinner at […]

How To Deep Sea Fish

Deep sea fishing is not for the casual angler. While you don’t have to be a seasoned fishing expert, deep sea fishing calls for a level of knowledge, attention to detail, and patience that other forms of fishing don’t require. However, learning how to deep sea fish involves more than the proper know-how. If you’re […]

What The Best Fishing Boat Companies Do Differently

What makes an exceptional boat company? What do some boat manufacturers do that others don’t? As you’ll see, there are many different details that the best fishing boat companies do differently. From creating their own hulls to improving the deck with high-quality materials, there’s a reason why some boat companies are consistently at the top. […]