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Striper Fishing Boats For Sale

If you want to catch striped bass, you need the right lures at the right location. While casting from shore and piers can be effective, if you want to really target stripers, you need to be on the water with the right boat. Check out some the best striper fishing boats for sale from Scout, […]

Best Mackerel Fishing Boats From Scout

Few fish provide as much fun and excitement as the mackerel. This type of fish comes in a wide variety of sizes, allowing anglers to experience different fishing styles while catching a hard-fighting and (depending on the exact type) delicious fish for the table. If you want to pursue this species, make sure you have […]

Sheepshead Fishing Boats From Scout

Sheepshead are a great sportfish, giving family and elite anglers plenty of opportunities to target a fish that fights hard in the water and tastes great at the table. The most notable feature on a sheepshead is the teeth, which look eerily similar to our own, and nothing at all like the sharp teeth you […]

Top Inshore Fish Species Guide

While offshore fishing certainly has its advantages, if you are looking for fast action and lots of enjoyment on the water, you can’t go wrong with inshore fishing. Inshore fishing is any form of saltwater fishing that takes place in roughly 30 meters of water or less. It is shallower than offshore, and the fish, […]

Mini Yachts For Sale From Scout

If you want a luxury yacht, you might think you have to purchase a massive boat. However, there are many outstanding mini yachts for sale available from Scout. These crafts have all the luxuries you expect, but they come in a yacht that is more manageable, nimble, and enjoyable!

Small Yachts For Sale From Scout

If you want to enhance your enjoyment on the water but don’t want the hassle of a large cruiser, a small yacht might be perfect for your needs. With a full line of excellent vessels, Scout Boats has everything you need for fun and relaxation on the lakes, bays, and open ocean.

Cod Fishing Boats From Scout

Cod is a fun and interesting sport fish that gives anglers in coastal areas all across the country hours of fishing excitement. It’s not only fun to catch, but cod is also a healthy and tasty gamefish that makes excellent table fare. Of course, to catch cod, you need a great cod fishing boat. Here […]

Fly Fishing Boats From Scout

Scout Boats makes some of the finest offshore fishing vessels in the world, allowing you to access massive fish in deep water. But we also proudly make boats that are perfect for fly fishing, a sport that takes greater skill and patience than any other form of angling. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Flounder Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Few fish are as interesting as the flounder. These fish are downright strange looking, and while they may not be the most elegant fish in the water, they provide wonderful sport and are also popular as table fare. If you are thinking about fishing for flounder, make sure you have the right information, as well […]