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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Boat?

When is the best time to buy a boat? Each season has its own advantages, but understanding the different seasons for boat-buying can help you find a better deal. Whether you are buying in the height of summer or the chill of winter, knowing how the different seasons affect boat sales can improve your overall […]

What To Know Before Buying A Boat

If you are thinking of purchasing a boat, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge. From dealing with emergencies to reading the tides, here’s what to know before buying a boat.

What Do You Need To Own A Boat?

Boat ownership is a great way to improve your life, but it may not be as simple as you thought. Before you make a purchase, get familiar with what you need to own a boat. With this information, you can make a smart purchase and enjoy years of boating with less worry and less hassle!

How To Choose The Right Boat For You

Owning a boat is one of the true pleasures in life. Whether you are fishing, skiing, or simply cruising around the bay, being on the water seems to melt your stress and worries away. The only real question is which boat you should buy? This is where is can get complex, as each person has […]

Should I Buy A New Or Used Boat?

Buying a boat can be tough. You have to decide on the right size, the right features, and the right price for your budget. In many cases, people will choose a used boat over new. While there is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing a quality used boat, this may not be the right choice for […]

Our Best Value Center Console Boat

At Scout Boats, we take pride in creating some of the finest vessels you can find on the water. We use advanced hulls that are created in-house by our professional development and engineering team, we install high-quality materials that bring comfort and relaxation, and we make sure to include top-quality fishing features so you can […]

What To Look For In The Best Fishing Boats For A Family

Owning your own boat: it’s been your dream since you graduated high school and left home. You couldn’t wait until that day when you had a good job and strong savings so you could purchase the exact boat you want, with all the fishing features needed for a successful outing. You’re finally in a position […]

Best Freshwater Fishing Boats From Scout

If you are interested in freshwater fishing, you need the right boat. Make sure you have a craft that can handle lakes and rivers by choosing one of the best freshwater fishing boats from Scout. With a full selection of top-quality crafts, we have the right boat to match your freshwater needs!

River Fishing Boats From Scout

River fishing brings a unique variety of excitement, seclusion, and beauty that is different from many other forms of fishing. While offshore saltwater fishing has massive trophies, and lake fishing has the undeniable appeal of a summer vacation, there’s something about the unpredictable nature of moving water that brings an unexpected level of interest. Somehow, […]

High-End Fishing Boats From Scout: What We Do Differently

The people at Scout Boats are truly passionate about creating a world-class boating experience. From initial design to the construction process to customer service, we do things differently, creating high-end fishing boats that are a true joy from the dealership to the water.