Outboard Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Offshore Fishing Boats

While inboard boats have their advantages, the outboard motor is an ideal choice for many boaters. Learn more about their advantages, and find top outboard fishing boats for sale from Scout Boats.

Offshore Fishing Boats

420 LXF

If you think of outboard fishing boats, you probably don’t think about small yachts like the 420 LXF. However, this boat comes equipped with as many as four outboard engines, giving you supreme power and handling on the water. With excellent motors pushing a sleek hull, the 420 LXF has all the advantages of an outboard fishing boat.

175 Sportfish

175 Sportfish

At the other end of the spectrum, the 175 Sportfish is a small outboard boat that helps you reach some of the most remote fishing destinations. You can lift the motor and use the 10-inch draft to reach locations that inboard models could never reach.

225 Dorado

Inboard motors are commonly used for ski boats, but the 225 Dorado is the perfect example of how an outboard boat can deliver water-sport excitement. The boat has dual swim platforms and can be equipped with a ski tow bar to give skiers a full day of fun. Add one of the 13 different engine options and you have a boat built for excitement!

Incredible 32-Foot Fishing Boat

320 LXF

With plenty of room for your passengers and a huge variety of storage space, the 320 LXF is a wonderful fishing boat. The craft has two motors, and you can choose between Yamaha and Mercury options, giving you choices from two of the finest outboard manufacturers on the planet.

Why Choose An Outboard Boat?

First of all, boats will tend to handle better with an outboard motor. This is because as you turn the steering wheel, the entire engine moves. This means that not only the rudder is turned, but the direction of the boat’s propulsion is also adjusted, making the boat easier to handle. This becomes clear when you have to put the boat in reverse, as the boat will handle much easier going backwards.

With an outboard, you can also lift the engine’s propeller out of the water, allowing you to access extremely shallow fishing locations, such as intertidal beaches. At low speeds, the outboard motor handles better because it can turn with or without power, which makes docking much easier.

If you decide to upgrade engines, this is obviously much easier with an outboard motor. While the process is a little more complicated, you basically have to detach the motor and mount another one in its place. With an outboard, motor replacement is tantamount to replacing a car’s engine.

While an outboard motor takes space at the stern, it allows for more storage space in the center of the boat. Inboard motors will be housed in the middle of the boat, taking up space that could be used for rod storage.

The Perfect Boat is Waiting for You

If you want a world-class fishing boat, make sure you have a Scout. With in-house designs, meticulous engineering, and a hand-laid construction process, our boats are more reliable and more comfortable.

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Striper Fishing Boats For Sale

Buy a Boat
Buy a Boat

If you want to catch striped bass, you need the right lures at the right location. While casting from shore and piers can be effective, if you want to really target stripers, you need to be on the water with the right boat. Check out some the best striper fishing boats for sale from Scout, and learn some strategies for catching this species.

Striper Fishing Boats From Scout

Here are some of the top striper boats from Scout:

275 lxf

275 LXF

Because stripers tend to stay on moderate-depth areas and inshore locations, you don’t necessarily need a large boat. In fact, a large boat may hinder your efforts, as it can keep you from reaching certain locations. The 275 LXF, which is about 27 feet in length and has a draft under two feet, may be the perfect size. Plus, it has all the storage and luxury you want from a fishing boat.

275 Dorado

275 Dorado

If you want the same size but a dual-console layout, the 275 Dorado is a great choice. It has passenger comforts like the forward bow folding table, swim platform, and a built-in cooler. But it also has fishing features that include a large cockpit fishing area, rod storage under the gunnel, and a battery charger.


255 LXF

You’ll have a smooth ride and unhindered performance with this amazing craft. It’s one of the best boats for targeting striped bass wherever you can find them. The boat has a center console helm that allows you to have complete control, and the large baitwell helps you target stripers with livebait if you desire.

Striper Fishing 101

The striped bass, commonly referred to as the “striper,” is one of the most interesting and exciting fish you can catch. This fish has size, power and, while they can be frustratingly finicky, are also aggressive strikers when they see a lure or a bait they want.

Where To Find Them

Stripers are mostly found in the waters off the east coast, ranging from Canadian waters to the Gulf of Mexico. They are found as far west as Louisiana, which makes them a common target for anglers in many parts of the country. They are able to survive in both fresh and saltwater, and they often move between the two. Stripers prefer inland coastal waters, usually staying in areas that are roughly 40 feet from shore. They are also found in bays and estuaries.

How To Spot ‘Em

Striped bass have streamlined, sliver/grey bodies with dark stripes running from front to back. While they don’t all reach maximum size, they can be as large as 40 pounds, making them both a challenge and an impressive trophy!

Techniques & Lures

Like the freshwater largemouth bass, stripers are often caught on lures. Trolling and casting topwater lures is often an effective way to entice a striper. Swimming and diving baits are also used when the fish are lower. Live bait can be just as effective for catching bass. Seaworms, clams, and cut bait can all be used to entice a striped bass into biting.

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Scout is dedicated to building the finest boats on the water. Use our Build Your Scout feature and you’ll be able to create the luxury fishing boat you deserve!

Best Mackerel Fishing Boats From Scout

275 lxf
275 lxf

Few fish provide as much fun and excitement as the mackerel. This type of fish comes in a wide variety of sizes, allowing anglers to experience different fishing styles while catching a hard-fighting and (depending on the exact type) delicious fish for the table. If you want to pursue this species, make sure you have one of the best mackerel fishing boats. Here are a few great options from Scout Boats.

350 LXF

When you want comfort and luxury on the water, as well as a wide range of fishing features, the 350 LXF is a great choice. This boat has all the refinement you expect, and it also has floor fish boxes, transom storage, and a 60-gallon fish box.

275 Dorado

275 Dorado

This dual-console boat can help you glide from one fishing destination to another. To help you catch your fill of mackerel, it has a large cockpit fishing area, a 25-gallon baitwell, and flush-mounted rod holders for four rods. It also has port and starboard fish boxes for enhanced convenience.

235 xsf

235 XSF

This boat is sleek and sophisticated, giving you tremendous performance with a smooth ride while you travel to your fishing spot. When you reach the mackerel, you can benefit from a 15-gallon transom baitwell, a 61-gallon fish box, and a raw water wash down.

175 Sportfish

175 Sportfish

If you want a light, manageable boat that can handle a wide variety of fishing styles, the 175 Sportfish is a great option. While it has a 10-inch draft for reaching shallow fishing destinations, it is also built with a unique hull that allows you to fish in bays and large lakes. This gives you tremendous access to the mid-depth mackerel schools.

Understanding Mackerel Makes For Better Fishing

If you’re going to fish for a certain species, it helps to have a basic understanding of the fish’s biology, habits, feeding techniques, and behavior. With that in mind, let’s take a quick moment to review the mackerel.

First of all, you should understand that the term “mackerel” applies to many different species and subspecies of fish. They are all pelagic fish, which essentially means a sea or lake fish that stays in roughly middle areas of depth, neither deep nor in the shallows. Mackerel are generally found along the coasts or just offshore and they may be in groups or alone.

Smaller mackerel species stick together in large schools. For anglers this means if you find one you will likely find many more before the school moves on. They make great table fare, but larger mackerel, especially the king mackerel, are highly prized among sport anglers who value challenging fights above fishing for food.

Advanced Engineering & World-Class Luxury

Want to learn more about mackerel fishing boats from Scout? Contact us today, and we’ll make sure you have the right information to make a fully-informed decision. From offshore fishing to small craft for cruising intertidal areas, we have everything you need for a tremendous fishing experience.

Use our Build Your Scout feature to can create the ultimate mackerel fishing boat for your needs.

Sheepshead Fishing Boats From Scout

235 xsf

Sheepshead are a great sportfish, giving family and elite anglers plenty of opportunities to target a fish that fights hard in the water and tastes great at the table. The most notable feature on a sheepshead is the teeth, which look eerily similar to our own, and nothing at all like the sharp teeth you find on barracuda, shark, and other similar species. In fact, the teeth give you a clue as to how these fish feed, and hence how they are caught. Here are some of the best sheepshead fishing boats from Scout, along with a few tips to catch these fish.

Sheepshead Fishing Tips

Sheepshead feed in areas with a rocky bottom, which can include coastal rivers or offshore areas. They love docks and pillars as well, and their favorite food is crustaceans. Using their teeth to smash shellfish, these interesting feeders are taken with live bait that can include small crabs, oysters, and clams.

Light tackle is the name of the game for sheepshead. By slowly working live bait on a soft tip rod, anglers wait for the light strike, which really amounts to a nibble. Anglers have to wait for the soft strike and then set the hook. They bite so softly that it’s common for sheepshead to steal the bait before an angler gets a feel for this species.

Boats For Sheepshead Fishing

Sheepshead can be caught in many different areas, so having a versatile, comfortable boat is crucial. Here are some of the best sheepshead fishing boats from Scout.

235 xsf

235 XFS

Whether you are targeting sheepshead in estuary rivers or over offshore structures, the 235 XSF will give you comfort, reliability, and all the fishing features you need. You’ll also have a 15-gallon baitwell so you can keep plenty of bait ready for your fishing needs.

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275 LXF

Full of luxury and refinement, the 275 LXF gives you a comfortable ride and outstanding features, making it the ideal boat for targeting sheepshead. It also has a large baitwell, and but it also comes with an optional grill, which is perfect if you decide to sample some tasty sheepshead while still on the water.

Center Console Boat Brands

255 LXF

This boat will give you outstanding performance and a smooth ride, so you get get to your fishing destination quickly. It has plenty of space for you and your family, allowing you to spend a comfortable afternoon on the water fishing for sheepshead. And with transom seating, forward-facing seating, and room for two in the helm, everyone will be comfortable and happy throughout your trip.

300 lxf

300 LXF

This is the only 30-foot boat in its class with a berth and optional air conditioning, so it’s a one-of-a-kind leader. When you go after sheepshead, make sure you have the right features for the job, including plenty of rod storage and a deluxe fiberglass leaning post with a baitwell. You’ll have fish boxes, transom storage, and all the right features for a world-class fishing adventure.

Get The Right Boat For Sheepshead Fishing

You deserve a wonderful sheepshead fishing boat. Use our Build Your Scout feature to create the perfect boat for you! From inshore fishing to offshore angling, we have the right boat to keep you happy when you leave the marina!