Flounder Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

235 xsf
235 xsf

Few fish are as interesting as the flounder. These fish are downright strange looking, and while they may not be the most elegant fish in the water, they provide wonderful sport and are also popular as table fare. If you are thinking about fishing for flounder, make sure you have the right information, as well as the right boat! Here are some of the best flounder fishing boats for sale from Scout along with some tips to help you land some flounder!

255 LXF

From open water to bays, the LXF line of boats from Scout means luxury and refinement. It also means fishing excellence! The 255 LXF makes an outstanding flounder fishing boat, giving you a large fish box, a baitwell, and many other features you need, not to mention all the luxuries boaters have come to expect from Scout.

225 xsf

225 XSF

Using the NuV3 hull, this boat is made for a wide variety of waters, giving you a smooth ride and efficient performance. When you reach your flounder-fishing destination, you’ll have the advantage of an aerated live well, raw-water wash down, and plenty of rod storage. With optional features like JL audio speakers or a tournament leaning post, you’ll enjoy every moment of flounder fishing.

195 sportfish

195 Sportfish

You can reach your destination and have plenty of comfort when you go flounder fishing in the 195 Sportfish. This boat can help you locate flounders in virtually any waters, and when you are ready to head upstream, the 13-inch draft makes navigation simple and easy.

175 sport dorado

175 Sport Dorado

Thanks to an innovative design and superb features, this dual-console boat is a great flounder fishing boat. You can spend the afternoon on the water and catch your fill in this comfortable, manageable boat, which only measures about 17 feet in total length. If you want a flounder-fishing boat that is easy to own, this one the one for you.

Flounder Fishing 101

Flounder can be caught throughout the year in many different locations. During the spring, summer, and fall, you will find them mostly in estuaries. Late fall and into winter is a time called the “flounder run,” when the fish moves from downstream to inlets and out to sea for spawning. Flounder hunt by hiding just under sand and mud waiting to ambush prey, preferring to sit close to structure that attracts other fish.

Most flounder fishing is done with light tackle, as you need a sensitive rod to feel the vibrations coming from the fish. Rigging the line with cut bait and live bait from the local fishery is the most consistent way to attract flounders.

Artificial lures are also effective for taking flounders. These fish usually sit and wait for prey, so lures that mimic shrimp and fish, and can be weighted and jigged along the bottom, will provide strikes from flounders.

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Shark Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

380 LXF
380 LXF

Shark fishing is one of the most exciting sports on the water. No other sport elicits thrills, interest, and adventure like shark fishing. And with a large diversity of species, there is a shark to be caught in virtually all types of waters. Of course, you’ll need a great boat to get it done. Here are some of the top shark fishing boats for sale from Scout!

What To Look For In A Shark Fishing Boat

Because sharks are found in all types of waters, you have your options, but there are a few important features you’ll want in your craft. A place to cut bait, for starters, is important, because most fishing is done with live bait. This also means a raw-water wash-down is helpful for cleaning the mess.

If you are pursuing large sharks, a fighting marine chair is also beneficial. As for size, it really depends on where you want to fish, but a versatile boat that can go in shallow or deeper waters will help you catch sharks in practically any location.

Shark Fishing Boats From Scout

Here are some of the top shark fishing boats from Scout:

380 lxf

380 LXF

Catching sharks can be a real pleasure in the 380 LXF. You’ll have the right gear for the task, including an optional Release marine fighting chair. You’ll also have plenty of space to fish with a large group, increasing your chances of catching a trophy shark.

275 lxf

275 LXF

For truly outstanding luxury on the water, look no further than the 275 LXF, a wonderful shark-fishing boat that can help you target both nearshore and offshore species. This boat has all the equipment you need, including the option of a fiberglass leaning post with a bait prep station and tackle drawers.

177 sportfish

177 Sportfish

If you want to target sharks in estuaries, bays, and intertidal areas, the 177 Sportfish is a great choice. This center console boat can smoothly cruise to your fishing destination, and with a comfortable casting deck, you can reach the fish that create unforgettable excitement.

Shark Fishing Tips

Shark location will depend on the species, but you can find various types across nearly any water in the ocean, as well as waters that have access to the ocean. They are common along beaches (we don’t mean to scare you!), deep channels, inlets, estuaries, and reefs. Piers, which are usually teeming with aquatic life, are also good locations for sharks.

For obvious reasons, the tackle you use for sharks should be strong and heavy. You’ll need powerful reels, strong rods, and metal leaders between the line and the lure. Most shark fishing is done with cut bait or live bait, with chum to attract the hungry predators. Oily fish, such as bonita, bluefish, mullet, and mackerel, are great for attracting sharks. Lures, however, are also options for shark fishing. If the water is well chummed, a fish-imitating lure can trigger a strike from aggressive sharks.

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Trout Fishing Boats for Sale from Scout

Trout fishing is a wonderful sport, creating new challenges for anglers of all experience levels. You can certainly wade for stream trout, but if you want to catch a trout with hefty size, such as a lake trout, you’re going to need the right boat. Here are some of the best trout fishing boats for sale from Scout.

What To Look For In Trout Fishing Boats

Generally you won’t need a large boat for trout fishing. Because most trout are found on lakes and rivers, the best boats are ones that are small to medium sized. And because trolling spoons and other lures are an important technique, you’ll want a boat with outriggers so you can place more lures in the water. Here are some of the best trout fishing boats from Scout:

255 LXF

This luxury fishing boat is excellent for trout because it has a manageable size and all the fishing accessories you need. You can equip the boat with 15-foot outriggers so you can troll plenty of lures and various depths, giving you a better chance at catching a heap of trout.

235 XSF

Built with the highly demanding angler in mind, the 235 XSF has plenty of features to keep you happy while trout fishing. This boat has all of the comfort and convenience you expect from a world-class fishing boat. With available outriggers, a Yeti cooler, and hardtop-mounted rocket launchers for rod storage, you’ll be able to take everything you need on the water.

231 xs

231 XS

This is the versatile boat that sets a high standard for bay fishing, and it also makes a great craft for lakes loaded with trout. With this boat, you can find everything you need to have a wonderful time and catch more trout for the dinner table!

Trout Fishing Tips

There are many different species of trout, including brown, rainbow, brook, and lake trout, so giving precise tips on trout in general is difficult, as each species responds in different ways to different baits. In general, however, you will find that there are a few basic techniques that work for many different types of trout.

Colorful spoon lures, for example, are excellent for catching trout, especially lake trout. If you have the equipment, trolling a spoon through the water can help attract hungry trout. You will, however, need the right equipment to sink the spoons to certain depths. Unweighted the spoons will cruise along the surface, which is no good for lake trout.

If you are trout fishing on a lake, you’ll likely find that most fish are located in colder waters. During the winter/spring transition, you can catch fish in depths around ten feet, and some trout will even be feeding at or near the surface.

As the season progresses and the weather warms, the trout will retreat to deeper and cooler waters. By mid-spring, they are found from 20 to 30 feet deep, and by late spring they will be hanging to depths as far as 45 feet. Once the summer sets in, the trout will be sitting below 45 feet, making catching them more difficult, although certainly not impossible.

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Tarpon Fishing Boats For Sale From Scout

Strong, powerful, and surprisingly athletic, the tarpon is one of the most impressive animals in the water. While this fish in not highly prized for table fare, it remains an exciting sportfish that has thrilled anglers for decades. Pursuing the prehistoric tarpon is endlessly fun, but it takes dedication and knowledge. It also takes a comfortable tarpon fishing boat boat that can get you to the right location quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the best boats for the job!

Tarpon Fishing

If you’ve never had the chance to catch a tarpon, you’re missing out; if you have, you know how challenging, and rewarding, these fish can be. Tarpon are tough fishing to target because they are highly migratory and rarely found in the same place in multiple weeks. This means that the right place will change, and you have to move to meet their patterns.

Around April and May, tarpon are generally found heading north from their winter homes of Mexico and Central America. They travel thousands of miles, During the spring and summer, they can be found in northern areas, as far north as Virginia. In summer, they are extremely common in coastal waters of Texas to Florida. When found in coastal waters, they are generally the most susceptible to fishing, as they are actively feeding.

Live bait is usually a favorite way to catch tarpon. Grunts, pinfish, mutton minnows, and other baitfish found in the tarpon’s waters are good ways to bring them in, but they also go for blue crabs. Artificial lures are also used to catch tarpon. Topwater plugs and plastic swimbaits are effective ways to pull in a large, aggressive tarpon.

Tarpon Fishing Boats From Scout

To help you pursue this magnificent fish, here are some of the top tarpon fishing boats for sale from Scout:

195 Sportfish

The 195 Sportfish gives you excellent versatility and comfort, which is exactly what you need for targeting tarpon. You’ll be able to move into shallower feeding areas where tarpon are active, but you can also cruise smoothly from one location to another, giving you a better chance at finding tarpon on the move.

275 lxf

275 LXF

If you want luxury and refinement while fishing for tarpon, the 275 LXF is a supreme choice. You’ll have a deck with plenty of space for your group, along with comfortable seating. With a draft of only 19 inches, you can reach fishing locations that would be off limits to similarly-sized boats, allowing you to catch more tarpon all year long.

225 Dorado

The 225 Dorado has the perfect size and features for a tarpon fishing boat. With an aerated baitwell, you can keep lively bait ready for the hook. And with convenient rod storage, you’ll be able to bring along all the equipment you need to catch tarpon in any situation.

Go After Tarpon With Luxury & Comfort

If you are ready to go after the popular tarpon, make sure you have the right boat for the job. Build Your Scout today! You’ll get everything you expect from a luxury fishing boat when you own a Scout!