How Does Boat Financing Work? A Simple Guide

Boat Financing

Boat Financing

If you were shopping for a boat 30 years ago, you may have had a hard time finding financing for your boat. However, when you look for a boat today, you can easily find a lender who will help you get affordable terms for a boat loan. So how does boat financing work? Here’s what you need to know.

Who Will Provide Boat Financing?

To get started, you should have a basic idea of the institutions that provide boat financing. If you start with these organizations, you should be able to find affordable terms for your boat loan.

    You may be surprised by how many banks offer financing for boats. Visit your local bank and see if they have any options for you. You can often find the information you need on their website, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call or even ask about boat financing options.
    Many credit unions offer boat loans to their customers, so if you are a member of any credit union, be sure to check into their options. These organizations usually have the most attractive rates and may even have a marine-lending specialist on staff.
    There are also financial service companies that offer lending on boat and marine products. These companies have broad access to many different lending institutions, so you may find more options.

Loan Choices

You will also need to understand the various loan choices when you start to look for boat financing. Here are a few of the most common…

    Similar to home loans, this is the simplest and the one used most often. The advantage of this loan type is that you have the same monthly payment throughout the life of the loan.
    Also called adjustable rate, these loans have interest rates that can fluctuate based on the specific indexes. They usually have a low rate for a locked-in period, then go up. They may also have a cap on how much it can rise.
    This loan requires borrowers to pay the entire balance at the end of a certain term. This can be beneficial if you will only own the boat for a short period, allowing you to prepare to pay off the loan.

Application Process

The application process will vary depending on what institution you use, but in most cases you will need to bring specific information to the lending office. This information should include the price of the boat, income verification, personal finance statements, information on other debts, credit scores, and more.

When you sign the application, you will also give authorization for the lending company to check your credit independently.

Get Helpful Advice On Boat Financing

At Scout Boats, we are dedicated to service and quality. Contact our staff today and we’ll help you understand the details of boat financing for your new Scout Boat.

Top 10 Fishing Boats From Scout Boats

420 lxf

Every boat in the Scout lineup is exceptional, but here are our top 10 fishing boats for your enjoyment!

420 LXF

420 lxf
We love every boat in our lineup, but there’s something special about the 420 LXF, our flagship model. It’s large, luxurious, and accommodating. But above all else, it’s a world-class fishing boat that helps you pull more trophies over the rail.

380 LXF

380 lxf
Designed with precision engineering and a dedication to quality, the 380 LXF is not just one of the top 10 fishing boats from Scout—it’s one of the best fishing boats on the water, period.

251 XSS

251 XSS
If you want a boat that can handle both inshore and offshore fishing, the 251 XSS is a great choice. It has an exceptional hull that maintains a draft of only 13 inches while still being capable of stability in open water.

355 LXF

355 LXF
Performance and power mark this exceptional fishing boat. But you’ll also experience comfort and luxury when you step aboard. The 355 LXF is made for fishing trips that last for hours or even days, and it will keep you comfortable the entire time!

231 XS

231 xs
If you want to reach some of the most remote shallow-water fishing holes, the 231 XS, which has a draft of 12 inches, may be your top choice.

235 XSF

235 xsf
The 235 XSF has sleek lines and an innovative hull that allows it to cut through the water with ease. You’ll experience a smooth ride from the harbor to the fishing hole and back, all while enjoying comfortable seating and a wide range of fishing features.

225 XSF

225 xsf
This forward-seating center console fishing boat lets you target virtually every fishing location you can imagine, from nearshore structure to intertidal areas. The 225 XSF has the refined materials of a high-quality luxury craft with the superior features on an elite fishing vessel.

175 Sportfish

175 Sportfish
When it comes to inshore fishing, nothing can match the excellence of the 175 Sportfish. It’s loaded with fishing features. And with a 17.5-foot length and a draft of only ten inches, it can target shallow intertidal areas that rarely see a fishing lure!

300 LXF

300 LXF
Few boats have the remarkable luxury combined with exceptional fishing features like the 300 LXF. This incredible fishing boat can carry you and your group in comfort while allowing you to cast in all directions, making your fishing more effective than ever!

215 XSF

215 XSF
With a fuel-saving hull and some of the most innovative technologies on the water, this boat gives you unparalleled excellence when you take a fishing trip. With a passenger capacity of nine, the 215 XSF has enough space for your entire group.


These are just our top 10 fishing boats—and of course, that’s debatable! We also have a full lineup of exceptional fishing and bay boats that will easily stand up to any craft on the water. With a dedication to service backed by the most advanced and luxurious fishing boats available, our team can help you get more enjoyment from every fishing trip!

Explore our dealer network and get in touch. We look forward to helping you find the perfect boat for your needs.

Center Console Offshore Boats For Sale From Scout Boats

Center Console Offshore

Center Console Offshore

There are many fishing boats to choose from, but these are a few of the most impressive models you can find! Check out the center console offshore boats for sale from Scout Boats!

420 LXF

420 LXF
This is our flagship model, and it’s without a doubt one of the most stunning center console offshore boats for sale anywhere. It has luxury, comfort, and convenience, and it all rides on a hull that was designed by our expert team.

This center console offshore boat can give you remarkable enjoyment and boating pleasure. From cruising the bays to taking a long offshore fishing trip, when you have the 420 LXF, you will experience quality craftsmanship.

380 LXF

This is a true masterpiece of boat design. As one of our largest boats, this craft can handle offshore conditions with ease while giving you access to all the features you demand in a luxury boat.

On the deck, you’ll find comfortable seating made from outstanding materials, as well as LED-lit storage boxes and three captain’s helm seats. Underneath the deck is a comfortable cabin with conveniences like air conditioning, a teak table, and an enclosed shower.

355 LXF

355 lxf
If you want unmatched performance from your craft, check out the 355 LXF. This center console offshore boat has a deck that was designed for the 3DC gyro just under the aft-facing bench seat, giving you exceptional quality on the water.

When captaining your boat from the helm, you can access features like Garmin displays, an anchor camera on the bow, and a complete switch panel with lighted switches. It also has a comfortable inner console berth for superior convenience and relaxation.

350 LXF

350 LXF
Using our unique dual stepped hull, the 350 LXF has all the handling and comfort you expect from a Scout as well as the ability to handle the rough open water. Thanks to the remarkable hull, this boat can reach up to 70 mph, allowing you to reach your fishing destination in a flash.

This boat has all the amenities you need for comfortable boating, including a helm that gives you access to Fusion Bluetooth stereo, remote-controlled lights, and a console glovebox with 12-volt plugs and USB outlets.

235 XSF

235 XSF
This is one of the most impressive boats in its class, and it’s all thanks to the incredible engineering that we do at Scout Boats. The boat rides on an innovative hull we call the NuV3, which gives it fuel efficiency as well as comfort.

It can carry up to 11 people, has a draft of fewer than 20 inches, and can handle the open ocean with ease. It truly does give you everything you expect from a center console offshore boat!


Want to learn more about our center console offshore boats for sale? Contact our staff today and you’ll get the information you need to make a fully-informed purchase.

From deep-sea fishing to cruising the nearest bay, we have the right boats to enhance your experience on the water.

What To Look For In The Best Center Console Boat Brands

Center Console Boat Brands

There are hundreds of boat brands on the market, so how can you possibly know which one is right for your needs? If you take the time to learn about each one, it becomes clear what the best center console boat brands are. Be sure to look for these qualities in a boat brand before you buy…


While it might not seem obvious, one of the most important aspects of the brand is the fit and finish they put into their boats. Look at the details; look underneath compartments; look at areas where you don’t normally check. With Scout, you’ll find little details like finished bilges, an addition that most boat builders don’t bother with but we feel is essential.

231 XS


Many companies hire contractors to design the hulls on their boats. What this essentially means is that you have one or two hulls designed for the entire lineup; no matter what the size, the boats get the same hull design. We believe hulls need to be designed for the specific size, so we have multiple hulls, designed in-house, to enhance your boating experience.


Does the ownership of the company matter when you’re on the water? It might not seem like an issue, but you must look at the history and ownership status of the brand. Scout Boats is a family-owned company that has never been bought, sold, or traded on the market. We have a stable and focused ownership team whose top focus is boating excellence, not quarterly gains. This craft-centric perspective is truly unique even among the best center console boat brands.

Inshore Offshore


You should also look at the warranties available through the brand, as well as warranties for the individual boat you are purchasing. At Scout Boats, we offer a three-year stem-to-stern warranty, which comes in addition to the ten-year limited structural hull warranty, which is transferable on the sale of the boat. All claims are handled through our authorized dealer network, creating greater convenience and turnaround times.


One of the aspects that makes our boats so reliable is the hand-laid construction. We use hand-laid construction throughout the entire boat-building process, resulting in a better quality of boat for you and your family. Some companies use hand laying in certain areas, but our hulls are 100% hand laid.

Hand-laid Construction


We take pride in a fantastic dealership network. To be a successful brand, you have to have a hard-working dealership group that is dedicated to service and honesty. We continually grade and evaluate our dealership network to make sure it meets our high standards, and we would not be the brand that we are today without these excellent people


If you want to learn more about one of the best center console boat brands, contact us today. From fishing to luxury cruising, boats from Scout are up to the task. We’ll show you why so many people are loyal to our brand, both for our outstanding service and the unparalleled quality!