Scout’s Best Coastal Fishing Boats

Dual Console

Are you looking for one of the best coastal fishing boats on the water? Do you want luxury features surrounded by world-class fishing amenities? Then you need to learn more about Scout’s best coastal fishing boats. With multiple layouts and a variety of sizes, we have the right craft to meet your needs.

275 Dorado

275 Dorado
Our Dorado series of offers some of the most refined and sophisticated dual-console boats available today. Dual console boats like the 275 Dorado are made for lounging and relaxing on the water, and many casual boaters prefer this style when comparing to center console boats.

When it comes to the best coastal fishing boats, the 275 Dorado is an exceptional craft. It has a custom fiberglass built-in hardtop that adds superior functionality and a stunning visual presence.

Few crafts can boast a list of features to match the 275 Dorado. For example, you can choose an optional electric grill, which allows you to cook your catch without ever touching land! The optional ski pylon creates fun for the whole family, while standard features like LED cockpit lighting, a Garmin 7608 display, and Bluetooth stereo create a connected and luxurious experience.

210 XSF

By perfectly melding advanced engineering with stunning design techniques, our development team has crafted one of the best coastal fishing boats in the 210 XSF. This sporty 21-foot fishing boat has speed, a smooth ride, and all the amenities you expect from Scout’s lineup of luxury fishing vessels.

The layout of the 210 XSF uses a forward-seating design, which allows for comfortable seating for front passengers. The front area, in fact, has a convenient fish box and cooler built into the seat, which is easily accessible by lifting the cushion.

While the 210 XSF only measures roughly 21 feet in length, it has plenty of space. It is rated to carry up to eight people, and thanks to comfortable seating from front to back, everyone will enjoy the ride.

195 Sportfish

195 sportfish
Few 19-foot fishing boats come with the range of features and luxury appointments found on the 195 Sportfish. This center console boat is perfect for cruising local and coastal waterways, bringing enjoyment and fun to all of your adventures.

How much fun can you have on the 195 Sportfish? You could go swimming off the back, taking advantage of the standard swim platform. You could choose the optional powder-coated ski tow, giving skiers and wakeboarders better performance, or you could take the boat to your favorite fishing hole and take advantage of the multiple fishing rod holders and optional live well.

Thanks to a draft of only 13 inches, the 195 Sportfish can reach the most remote fishing destinations without flinching. This is one of our best boats for anyone who enjoys coastal and nearshore fishing for species like redfish, bonefish, or cobia.


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Luxury Boat Brands: What to Look For, What to Expect

Test Drive

Test Drive

It takes more than plush vinyl and a high-tech fish finder to become a luxury boat brand. It takes years of hard work and dedication with a relentless pursuit of perfection. When you start shopping for a luxury fishing boat, start by choosing the right brand. And as you’ll see, there are a few important factors that you should look for.


At Scout Boats, all the research and development is conducted in-house by our personal team. Every model, from the 17-foot sport fishing craft to our flagship 420 LXF was designed by our team. This means that it has the perfect layout, structure, and style to deliver superior enjoyment on the water.

At any given moment, there are at least four new boats in at Scout. We work to consistently bring out fantastic new products. Our team studies boating industry trends for fresh ideas and inspirations, and we also take styling cues from the automotive industry, allowing us to create world-class boats that are truly remarkable.


In addition to designing its own products, a leading luxury boat brand should ensure that everything that leaves the factory is of the highest quality. This means having an advanced quality control process that examines every detail before the boat leaves the factory.

Scout Boats uses a quality control process that involves a final inspection by a QC expert, in addition to previous inspections by each department. The QC expert will look over the boat and find any blemishes they can spot. When they discover a blemish, they mark the boat with a colored flag, representing the specific department that needs to address the issue.

An important part of our quality control process is the light tunnel. This area blasts the boat, especially the hull, with bright light, the same type you’d find on a sunny summer day. This allows us to make sure the boat’s finish is perfect, creating superior results when the boat is delivered to you.

Once the boat is completely finalized and approved by QC, the boat is given a final tag, showing that it is ready for the market.


While superior designs and detailed quality controls are important, no luxury boat brand will succeed without a strong dealer network. A reliable dealer network helps bring our boats to the water while ensuring that the people who purchase our crafts are buying the right type with the right features for their needs. Many of our dealers are in the top 100 of all the boat dealers in the country, and we constantly grade our dealers on customer service. We are immensely proud of our dealer network, and we know it’s one of the keys to becoming a top luxury boat brand.


You can have one of the most impressive boats on the water by bringing home a Scout.

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Scout’s Best Inshore Fishing Boats

251 xss

Inshore fishing provides a unique combination of activity and excitement. While offshore fishing is undoubtedly the place for king-sized trophies and monster battles, inshore fishing is the best option if you want to catch multiple hard-fighting fish in a single day. To enjoy inshore fishing, you need the right boat. Fortunately, Scout has created some of the industry’s best inshore fishing boats, giving you the supreme combination of comfort, nimble handling, and manageable size. Here are our best boats for inshore fishing.

251 XS

251 xss
Innovation has always been the driving factor behind Scout Boats, and few crafts show this better than the 251 XS. This boat is the first inshore/offshore fishing boat, capable of slicing through offshore waters while maintaining access to shallow-water fishing holes.

It has a smooth ride, even in chop, and keeps you dry during rough waves. Perhaps the most impressive feature on the boat is the large bow deck, which can serve as a fishing platform or a dining table. Within seconds, you can convert the spacious fishing platform into a lounge area with comfortable cushions and a raised table.

With a capacity for 10 people, the 251 XS can accommodate everyone in your group. It’s a perfect vessel for anyone who wants a smooth bay boat and a fully-capable inshore fishing boat.

231 XS

231 xs
This is the finest inshore/bay boat in its class, delivering dependable performance and fishing excellence to your adventures. It has a long, arrow-like profile, but the manageable 23-foot length makes it perfectly suited for inshore and lake fishing. Thanks to the sleek design, the 231 XS can reach up to 60 mph, helping you get to your fishing destination in a flash.

Although it has the characteristics of a serious bay boat, the 231 XS maintains a draft of only 12 inches. This makes it perfect for fishing intertidal areas where only shallow boats are allowed access.

The boat has plenty of storage, allowing for all-day inshore fishing excursions. Storage on the 231 XS includes a bow compartment, lockable storage boxes, and a vertical console rod rack. With comfortable seating throughout the deck and luxury features around every corner, this is one of the best inshore fishing boats you can find.


175 sportfish
This nimble fishing boat is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a small yet spacious vessel for targeting hard-to-reach fishing destinations. At 17.5 feet in length, it can easily maneuver through narrow channels. With a 10-inch draft, it can coast over shallow waters to reach untouched fishing spots.

The 175 Sportfish may be small, but it has a huge variety of fishing features that make it one of the best inshore fishing boats. A favorite feature for anglers is the 94-quart removable cooler with seat and backrest, as well as the spacious bow casting platform that has its own storage area.

This inshore fishing boat is perfect for targeting a wide variety of species. With a lighter profile, it can also be trailered from one location to another.


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Scout’s Largest Fishing Boat: 420 LXF

420 lxf

420 lxf

The 420 LXF is our largest fishing boat. This massive vessel provides a world-class boating experience full of luxury and refinement. You can spend weeks on the water fishing, enjoying the sun, and relaxing in the cabin, all while taking advantage of superior materials and luxury appointments. Excellence is in full swing with the 420 LXF, a superior fishing boat from a meticulous boat builder.


As our largest fishing boat, one of the obvious and most important elements of the 420 LXF is its size. Yes, it has advanced technology and luxurious materials. But it’s the size—the 42 feet and two inches of length—that gives the craft a foundation of excellence. The beam measures over 13 feet, so you and your entire group can enjoy a relaxing day on the water. As an example of the 420 LXF’s size, it has a 500-gallon fuel capacity and a 69 gallon fresh water capacity!


The size is certainly impressive, but it’s the luxury features that make the 420 LXF a truly remarkable boat. There are numerous standard features that provide a world-class boating experience, including 360-degree bolster cushions, a full transom walk-through platform, three Garmin screens, and sliding sunroof hatch hardtop access.

You can also choose from a huge selection of optional luxuries, such as Yamaha Helm Master joystick steering, Sea Grass deck covering, and even a wine cooler.


Inside the cabin of our largest fishing boat, passengers will be able to enjoy comfort and relaxation. The cabin has standard air conditioning, a two-burner stove, a 32-inch television, and LED accent lighting. This creates the perfect escape when you simply want to take a break from the sun, water, and wind. You can also select options like a cedar closet or a customized cabin decorative kit, which includes wine glasses, sheets, and more.


Above all else, the 420 LXF is a luxury fishing boat with the features to prove it. From the flush-mount rod holders to the leaning post tackle drawers, the 420 LXF helps you have a successful fishing experience in any situation.

If you plan on fishing for colossal deep sea fish, which is certainly an option in the 420 LFX, you’re going to want the Release marine fighting chair and fighting chair table conversion. These chairs take some of the stress out of reeling a large fish and could be the difference between losing an opportunity and landing the trophy of a lifetime.


There is a 420 LXF waiting just for you. Contact Scout Boats today or use our Build Your Scout feature to create exact craft you’ve always wanted.

Whether you desire a large offshore fishing boat or a nimble craft for near-shore angling, Scout has the right boat for you!