Amazing Luxury Yacht Tenders from Scout Boats

Yacht Tenders

Yacht Tenders

Scout Boats offers some of the finest reliability and performance on the water. These vessels, which are extremely reliable as fishing and cruising boats, also make some of the best yacht tenders imaginable. Scout Boats are comfortable, luxurious, and reliable—exactly what you expect from a luxury yacht tender.

These boats are incredibly reliable, stunning, and undoubtedly impressive. Whether you need a small fishing boat to tag along with your yacht or a comfortable cruiser that can carry a large group to the shore side restaurant, you need the performance and outstanding reliability of a Scout luxury yacht tender!


One of the top reasons that Scout Boats are selected for luxury yacht tenders is their outstanding reliability and unsinkable quality. These boats use an engineering process we call our “reverse shoebox,” which creates a stronger, more rigid hull that keeps its shape for a much longer time. All of our boats are foamed while still inside the mold, and we use 20 percent more foam than what the coast guard requires, further enhancing the reliability and consistency of every craft we create.


When you step off of your highly-refined yacht, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and luxury. With a Scout, you can maintain the highest level of refinement by having a vessel that is loaded with comfort and convenience features. Our boats use premium vinyls that are comfortable to the touch and maintain a great appearance, even after years of sun exposure and wear. They have a full array of electronic features in addition to a well-organized deck layout that allows anyone to enjoy their time on the water.


Many yacht owners bring their tender along because they want to leave the larger craft and enjoy a few hours of fishing. With a Scout as your luxury yacht tender, you will have all the features you need for an enjoyable time on the water. These boats, no matter what the specific model, have live wells, rod storage, compartments for tackle, and a layout that is highly conducive to fishing.


Yacht owners expect excellence in every detail, and that’s exactly what is brought with a Scout. Even the small details are given the utmost attention, creating a boat that meets a higher standard. These details include a screw head alignment that is perfectly flush with the rail. Why does this matter? Because if a screw head sticks out, it not only looks clumsy but creates a space that can catch on clothing or fishing line. Other details include a finished surface under the lid edges and inside the bilge compartment.


Contact Scout Boats today to learn more about our luxury fishing boats. We would be honored to help improve your boating experience by providing you with a fun, comfortable craft to use as the perfect yacht tender.

Boat Warranties: What to Look For

Boat Warranties

Boat Warranties

Without a boat warranty (or without a good warranty), boat ownership can be an expensive hassle. With a quality warranty, however, owning a boat is exactly what it should be: carefree, enjoyable, and relaxing. Do you know what to look for in a boat warranty? Are you aware of the various aspects and how they affect your wallet? We’d like to share some important information about boat warranties that will help you make a smart boat-buying decision.


This is probably the single most important aspect of boat warranties. While it sounds simple and obvious, it can easily go overlooked. What is covered and what is not? Are cracks in the hull covered? Are broken seals between the hull and deck covered? What happens if there is a problem with the wiring? Don’t make assumptions. Check the warranty and find what you need to know before you buy.

When buying a boat, it’s important to be as detailed as possible when researching the warranty. At Scout Boats, we are as transparent and informative as possible with our boat warranties. We want to make sure you fully understand every detail, and we’ll gladly talk with you to make sure you have all of the information you need.


What happens to the warranty when you sell the boat? Is it completely voided, or does it automatically transfer to the new owner? Are there steps you need to take to transfer the warranty? Scout uses a transferable warranty that simply requires the use of a Warranty Transfer Form.


In most cases, the boat’s engine will require a warranty that is separate from the boat itself. For example, at Scout we install many Yamaha engines. Part of the reason we choose these top-quality outboard motors is because of their fantastic warranties—not to mention world-class performance and reliability. Whether you purchase a Scout or a different boat brand, be sure you understand the specifics of your engine warranty as well.


Three-Year Stem-to-Stern Warranty
Scouts’ warranties start with a three-year stem-to-stern warranty that covers a wide range of components and parts. Throughout the three-year timeframe, we will cover the cost of parts and accessories that were made or installed by us during the manufacturing process.

Ten-Year Structural Hull Warranty
We are dedicated to ensuring that the hull on your boat is free of structural defects. To demonstrate our commitment and give you peace of mind, we have included a ten-year structural warranty that is completely transferable. With this warranty, you can count on us to repair or replace any boat that is defective for an entire decade.


You can drive a boat that looks great, rides like a cloud, and comes with one of the best warranties in the entire industry. Scout Boats are made to a high standard, and we confidently and proudly stand behind our boats with generous warranties.

Contact Scout Boats today to learn more about our top-quality warranties and world-class fishing boats.

New Fishing & Bay Boats in the 2017 Scout Lineup

215XSF running from bow angle

Scout is bringing more innovation and ingenuity to the water with two fantastic additions to the 2017 lineup. While boats like the 420 LFX and 175 Sport Dorado display our prowess for design and engineering, we are never content. At any given time, our research and development department is creating multiple vessels for future production.

In 2017, we will be launching two results of these efforts. The 215 XSF and the 255 Dorado are the latest examples of our unending commitment to excellence.


215 xsf
Riding on our innovative NuV3 hull, the 215 XSF is bringing enhanced comfort, luxury, and fishability to our XSF lineup. When it launches in 2017, it will be the second-longest boat in our XSF/SF category, which is a tremendous collection of top-quality fishing boats. At 21-feet, 6-inches in length, it has plenty of room for relaxing on the deck and enjoying a leisurely cruise across the water.

This craft is also full of top-notch fishing features. It has rod storage under the gunnel, an aerated live bait well, and a raw water wash-down in the livewell. With a center console layout, comfortable front deck, and a convenient transom door, this boat allows for effective fresh and saltwater fishing.

Comfortable seating is a high priority in our luxury fishing boats. The 215 XSF is no exception, as it has forward seating on the bow and a forward sun lounge.

To make your new fishing boat experience even more enjoyable, we created the helm of the 2015 XSF to hold some of the finest technologies available. This includes a Garmin 7607 screen, a Fushion Bluetooth stereo, and 2 USB charging ports. Like the finest luxury sedan, this fishing boat keeps you connected and entertained no matter where you travel.


World Class fishing boat
The 255 Dorado is setting a new standard for dual-console luxury fishing boats. This craft, which has a family-friendly layout and a wide variety of convenience features, gives boaters, anglers, and passengers plenty of space to relax and enjoy the finest materials from top to bottom.

From front to back, the 255 Dorado measures 25.5 feet. Thanks to a beam width of nearly nine feet, the craft maintains a spacious and welcoming deck, even when full to the 11-person capacity.

Generous seating options are found all throughout the boat. It has a fold-down transom bench seat, deluxe captain’s chairs with armrests and fold-down bolsters. To create a comfortable sunpad on the bow, all you need to do is place the filler cushion, allowing anyone to relax and take in the warming sunshine.

The 255 Dorado uses a dual-console layout with seating on both sides of the vessel. The cockpit seating can actually be folded up, providing more room for fishing. Thanks to stainless steel rod holders, expansive rod storage, and a recirculating bait well, the 255 Dorado offers fantastic fishing capability.


Even with the finest luxury fishing and bay boats in the country, Scout is never content. We are constantly creating new and innovative crafts that keep us at the forefront of the boating industry.

Check out our full lineup and build your own boat using our Build Your Scout feature!

Join us at the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show

Boat Show

Boat Show

Scout is thrilled to join the 2016 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show Thursday, December 1-Sunday, December 4! We’ll be showing off our lineup of top-quality luxury fishing boats, giving anglers and boaters from all over the area the chance to see our crafts up close and personal. Come find us at water spaces 613-615!


There are many boat shows held every year across the country, but the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show is one of the marquee events. Companies, industry leaders, and consumers flock to sunny St. Petersburg from all over the country to show their products, take in new ideas, and interact with some of the most innovative boats in the industry.

With a 40,000-square-foot tent and hundreds of power boats, fishing boats, and family cruisers, as well as marine-related gear of all types, this is the largest boat show on the Gulf Coast. From sailing yachts to high-performance power boats, the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show has something for everyone!

There are even special events and family-friendly activities, such as youth fishing clinics, marine seminars, and other educational opportunities. If you’re interested in boating, this is the place to be!


Scout Boats will be showcasing our finest crafts at the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show. When you visit our area, you’ll find multiple vessels ranging from nimble 25-footers to the Scout 420 LXF, a 42-foot luxury craft that is sure to impress any visitor.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our luxury fishing boats you’ll find at the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show.

Scout 255 LXF

255 LXF
This is the smallest of the LXF lineup, but it is packed with luxury features and rides on a meticulously-crafted hull. With a smooth ride and efficient performance, this boat combines comfort, luxury, and fishing versatility.

Scout 251 XS

251 XS
This impressive bay boat is the industry’s first inshore/offshore craft in the 25-foot category. It is a true hybrid, capable of seamlessly handling both inshore waters and offshore conditions. With a draft of 13”, it can reach shallow fishing destinations while cruising through rough chop.

Scout 300 LXF

300 lxf
With a spacious deck and a relaxing cabin, this boat delivers comfort in the sun and in the shade. It has all the features to deliver comfort for luxurious cruising or remote fishing adventures, including optional air conditioning and standard 360-degree bolster cushions.

Scout 420 LXF

420 lxf
With jaw-dropping luxury and heart-thumping beauty, this is a fishing boat like no other. This 42-foot craft is the pinnacle of marine design and engineering. Words don’t do this luxury fishing boat justice; you need to see it firsthand at the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show!


We would love to talk with you about our engineering and boat-building process, and show you everything there is to see on our stunning crafts.

Discover your dream boat in person at the 2016 St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show!