The Making of a Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Luxury Boat Manufacturer

Scout Boats is a luxury boat manufacturer with a strong history of excellence and innovation. Since its initial founding by Steve Potts in the 1980s, Scout Boats has made continually evolved to keep up with demands and to better serve the boating community. The guiding principle of Scout’s refined, unwavering excellence, however, has remained unchanged. It’s the principle that launched the company, and a principle that still holds solid today.


Take a look back
Like nearly every great business or company, the history of Scout Boats started with the passion and drive of a single person. For us, it was the passion of Steve Potts that launched this luxury boat manufacturer. Steve has been involved in the boat-building industry since he was 14 years old. He worked a wide variety of jobs in the boat-building industry, but with his intense passion for excellent crafts, he knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he created his own successful boat brand.

With $50,000 in savings, he created a small manufacturing team and built a new craft, a 14-foot fishing boat that he called the Scout. It was a high-end fishing boat with an extremely meticulous fit and finish. By tailoring the boat to various dealers, he was eventually able to turn his passion into a successful brand and a profitable business.

In 1989, Steve’s small brick building that he used for boat construction was leveled by Hurricane Hugo. Once again, Steve’s drive and passion kicked in, and with the help of his family, he was able to salvage what he could and rebuild at a new location. By the end of 1990, Steve’s luxury boat manufacturing business was back to full strength and getting stronger with each new design.


Perhaps the greatest key to Scout’s success has been the unending commitment to innovation. One of the key innovations that Steve implemented is the reverse shoebox hull and deck design. This creative design provides a stronger boat structure. But Steve didn’t stop there. He also removed all wood from the boat, manufacturing luxury fishing boats with rot-free materials, so Scout owners can enjoy a longer-lasting, more reliable craft. Other innovations include the NuV3 hull design, strata-mount engine mounting system, and a patented T-top glass enclosure, among more.


Scout Boats is a luxury boat manufacturer on the move. As our history shows, we have always been creating new innovations, updating our boat technology, and making sure our vessels are at the very cutting edge of technology. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, but one thing never changes: our commitment to excellence.

This is seen in our styling: every Scout is recognizable on the water, even before you see the Scout logo. This is seen in our materials: Scout uses the finest upholstery fabrics to ensure comfort as well as long-lasting quality. This is seen in our technology: we implement the finest electronics to create convenience, comfort, and luxury on the water.


You can have a great boat from one of the world’s leading luxury boat manufacturers.

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Our Best Center-Console Sport Fishing Boats

231 xs

We take pride in building only top-quality boats. As a leader in boat design and construction, Scout Boats has a complete lineup of excellent crafts, including world-class center-console sport fishing boats. While every boat we create is exceptional, we’d like to give you a closer look at a few of our best center-console sport fishing boats.


Before we dive into our best center-console sport fishing boats, let’s take the time to examine why the center-console design is a top choice for fishing boats. Boats with a center console generally have better balance, as the helm is located in the middle of the boat. They often have better visibility as well. For anglers, having the helm at the center, and not along one side, allows for better fishing angles and greater casting and reeling options.

231 XS

231 xs
Sleek and lean, the 231 XS is a fast yet comfortable center-console fishing boat that is great for bays and lakes. The stepped hull provides a smooth and efficient ride, while the center console makes the boat a top choice for both shallow and deep-water fishing.

Standard features found on the 231 XS include Sea Star Hydraulic steering, Fusion Bluetooth stereo, and a Yeti 45-quart cooler. All of these features and more combine to make one of the best center-console fishing boats available today.

If you want to increase the style, performance, or luxury of your boat, you’ll have plenty of options. You can choose from items like a three-piece Deckadence forward bow pad, LED trim indicator switch, and a fiberglass powerpole bracket mount. You’ll be able to create a truly wonderful fishing experience with this incredible center-console design.

225 XSF

225 xsf
With space for comfortable cruising and all of the features you need for a fishing adventure, the 225 XSF is one of best center-console fishing boats in our lineup. It has forward seating to provide comfort and relaxation for passengers, and the Nu-V3 hull design is excellent for cutting through the chop with minimal bounce.

Standard options alone are enough to make this one of our greatest crafts in our line-up, while opulent features like S.S. recessed side rails, under-gunnel rod storage, and an aerated leaning-post bait well create one of the most luxurious and convenient fishing experiences possible.

Of course, you don’t have to settle for the exceptional standard features when you can fully-customize your 225 XSF center-console boat with dozens of optional features. For example, you can choose your favorite hull color, including classic black, Rascal Blue, Shark Gray, or Aristo Blue. You can also get enhanced plumbing and electrical features like a battery charger or a fresh-water wash down. There are plenty of choices that allow you to enhance one of our best center-console sport fishing boats!


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World-Class Fishing Boats from Scout Boats

World Class Boats

World Class Boats

Scout Boats does not use the term “world-class fishing boats” lightly or vaguely. Everything we do, from design to manufacturing to sales, keeps us among the best in the world and promotes a standard of excellence. To prove this point, let’s take a look at five luxury fishing boats from Scout Boats and what makes them world-class.

420 LXF

The 420 LXF (pictured above) is one of the most impressive luxury bay boats in the Scout lineup. At 42-feet in length, this is the ultimate luxury boat for anyone who wants a stunning vessel with countless convenience and comfort features.

What makes the 420 LFX a world-class fishing boat?

The gorgeous design and vast array of luxury appointments make this a world-class boat for the ages. The standard features on this boat are stunning and include a queen bed, LED accent lighting, and a Fusion stereo system.

300 LXF

300 lxf
This 30-foot center console boat is a perfect example of the high level of engineering and design that goes into every Scout Boat. This exceptional craft is great for an evening of fine waterfront dining or an afternoon chasing your favorite trophy fish.

What makes the 300 LFX a world-class fishing boat?

This is the only 30-foot boat in its class that features a console berth down below and an available air conditioning feature. With the optional air conditioning, you can escape the heat without leaving one of the most luxurious boats on the water.


245 dorado
Scout takes dual-console fishing boats to a higher standard, and no boat displays this better than the 245 Dorado. The dual console layout on the deck provides comfort, seating, and storage, while the hull creates a smooth, efficient ride.

What makes the 245 Dorado a world-class fishing boat?

Scout’s NuV3 hull design, which is used on the 245 Dorado, helps the boat maintain excellent performance, but perhaps the best features on this craft are the interior appointments. Standard features include fully-cushioned bow seating, LED lights, and deluxe back captain’s chairs with arm rests.

210 XSF

210 xsf
With a nimble size yet spacious deck, the 210 XSF is a great luxury fishing boat for intertidal areas, lakes, and even rivers. It will be your best fishing boat for a day of casual cruising or no-nonsense fishing.

What makes the 210 XSF a world-class fishing boat?

There are numerous features that make this boat world class, but one of the features that make it especially exceptional is the large amount of fishing amenities onboard a relatively smaller boat. It may only be 21 feet, but thanks to our meticulous designs, the 210 XSF has nine total rod holders, tackle storage, and an aerated bait well.


177 winyah
If you want a world-class luxury fishing boat for your near-shore and shallow-water adventures, the 177 Winyah is a top choice. You’ll be able to target intertidal areas with a small group while still enjoying luxury and convenience.

What makes the 177 Winyah a world-class fishing boat?

It may be small, but with a fantastic hull design, the boat still has a dry, comfortable, and smooth ride, even at high speeds. This model is perfect for anyone who wants a versatile boat that can handle both fishing adventures and cruising to the shoreside restaurant.


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