Scout Boats Featuring Yamaha Promotions

Yamaha Promotions

Yamaha Promotions

Luxury fishing boats require superior designs and materials—but they also need an engine that can give them rapid acceleration and superior top-end speed. With the right outboard motor, your bay boat will get the most from its intelligent engineering.

At Scout Boats, we make sure to provide powerful, dependable engines that give our vessels a thrilling performance. We offer engines that come with the finest warranties in the industry, thanks in large part to exclusive and limited-time sales events.


Scout luxury fishing boats and bay boats start with some of the finest engineering possible. Thanks to our advanced research and development department, we are able to design and build boat hulls that are more hydrodynamic, more efficient, and deliver a smoother ride, all while getting to plane faster.

With three distinct boat hull designs, we can build boats that are precisely tuned to the size of the boat. There is no sacrifice for performance, ride quality, or handling at either the large or small end of our lineup.

Scout luxury fishing boats use excellent materials to enhance the boating experience for everyone aboard, and our bay boats are a perfect example of how we combine excellent engineering with quality materials. These crafts are perfect for fishing in nearshore waters. With a shallow depth, center-console design, and a sleek hull, boats like the 251 XS, the 231 XS, and the 177 Winyah are world-class vessels that set the standard for bay boats.

To make purchasing a bay boat easier, we have provided a Build Your Scout feature, which allows you to select the right features for your needs. You can select upholstery materials, electronic accessories, and even choose the perfect engine, including a Yamaha V8 350 hp…


Scout Boats are designed for excellence. When you add on a 350-horsepower Yamaha V8 motor, you have one of the fastest, most reliable boats on the water. Now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of Yamaha’s Great V8 sales event to get an even better deal on your new luxury fishing boat or bay boat.

This Yamaha promotion allows you to purchase a luxury fishing boat with a select new Yamaha V8 350-hp motor and receive 6 years of warranty protection. This means six years of worry-free boating for you and your family. Yamaha’s offer is only available until November 2016, so if you are going to purchase a bay boat, you need to act now to take advantage of this amazing deal.

Scout Boats can help you get one of the best engine warranties in the industry. We understand the importance of great boat motors backed by world-class warranties, so when you are ready to purchase an outstanding vessel, we are ready to ensure you receive superior service from start to finish!


Ready to enjoy a premium bay boat that has stunning style, a world-class design, and powerful, reliable engines? Build your Scout today, and be sure to ask us about how you can apply Yamaha promotions to your new luxury fishing boat.

Inshore Offshore Boats: Essential for Charleston, SC Fishing

Inshore Offshore

Inshore Offshore

Charleston, South Carolina offers some of the best fishing in the country, and this is largely due to the wide variety of fishing options. With everything from freshwater rivers to deep blue oceans, the Charleston areas gives a local angler everything they could dream of.

To truly get the most from fishing the Charleston area, however, you need the right craft: an inshore offshore boat. In this article, we’ll take a look at the unique variety of inshore and offshore fishing in Charleston, as well as the species that are available to anglers.


The term “inshore fishing” refers to angling that is done close to the shore. Generally speaking, it isn’t the distance to dry land but the depth of water you are fishing that determines inshore vs. offshore. If you are fishing in waters that are within 30 meters of depth, you are inshore fishing. That said, this type of fishing is usually within a few miles of shore.

Inshore fishing often requires a nimble, smaller fishing boat that can navigate shallow waters. The tackle will be lighter, the activity is often more family-friendly, and you can usually catch a larger number of fish during inshore angling.

Probably the most popular inshore fish in Charleston is the redfish. These fish offer excellent sport and are usually targeted on lighter tackle with both live bait and lures. Other popular inshore species in the area include sheepshead, trout, and flounder.


Offshore fishing is usually defined as fishing in water depths over 30 meters. Most of the time, it is done miles from shore, usually 20 to 50 miles from the nearest land.

It requires a larger, stronger offshore boat that can handle heavier seas. This sport relies more frequently on radar, radio, sonar, and weather technology. Because the fish get bigger out at sea, the tackle and equipment gets bigger as well. Offshore efforts are often more focused on trophy fishing, making it less family friendly.

In the waters surrounding Charleston, SC, shark fishing is one of the most popular targets for offshore anglers. These fish offer an unforgettable experience and give a fight that can wear down the backs and arms of the strongest anglers. Offshore fishing around Charleston can also bring up grouper, sea bass, amberjacks, and many more.


Scout Boat’s 251 XS represents a major innovation in boat design. With a hybrid hull design, this is the industry’s first true inshore offshore boat. It has a 13-inch draft, making it shallow enough for intertidal areas and rivers, while the design is created to cut through waves with ease.

Don’t limit yourself to one type of fishing. If you’re planning on fishing in the Charleston, SC area, this craft is certainly among the best fishing boats for you!

Your New Inshore Offshore Boat is Waiting

Contact Scout Boats today to learn more about the innovative 215 XS. This boat will give you years of enjoyment, so find the right options and create your boat today!

Why Buy a Dual Console Boat?

Dual Console

Dual Console

Dual console boats are some of the most popular on the water. Offering comfort, convenience, and space, these boats have a place on lakes, bays, and open oceans.

If you are trying to decide on a dual console boat, make sure you understand the advantages of these vessels, as well as the available options within our Dorado lineup, which features some of the most incredible dual console boats available.


A dual console boat is one of the most popular types of vessels on the water. The term dual console refers to the deck holding two consoles on each side. On the right side, you have the helm, while the left side has a passenger seat.

Between the two consoles, you will find an open space that can be used for walking from front to back. At the front and back of most console boats, you will find a lounging area where passengers can relax. Although the dual console boat is designed for comfort, it may have a fishing deck or an interchangeable seat/deck system.


Dual console boats offer excellent versatility, making them a popular choice for many boaters, anglers, and skiers. They deliver excellent comfort while allowing boat owners to enjoy all of their favorite marine activities.

Dual console boats can be very spacious and often give passengers more seating than a center console. Because of the enhanced space, you can often fit more people on your dual console boat than you would be able to on a center console craft.

These boats not only fit more people, but they usually have more dry storage as well. Thanks to the enhanced storage, dual console boats can be better for long-distance trips, such as full days or weekends on the water.


There are currently five different dual console boats available from Scout, ranging in size from the large 275 Dorado down to the 177 Dorado. Each one of these dual console boats offers a unique combination of performance, luxury, and features, giving boaters a truly wonderful boating experience.

At the top of the Dorado lineup is the 275 Dorado. This boat measures over 27 feet in length and gives plenty of space for larger groups, making it the ultimate family-friendly fishing boat. At the bottom of the Dorado lineup is the 177 Dorado, a 17-footer that comes with many standard features that are only optional in the competition’s lineup. It has a beam that measures over seven feet and comes with all of the amenities that make boating and fishing so enjoyable.

With Scout’s Dorado series, you can also find center console boats measuring roughly 21, 22, and 24 feet in length. When you are looking for a dual console boat, start your search with Scout!

Contact Scout today or fill out our Build Your Scout feature to create the perfect vessel for your specific needs.

Designing Our Most Fuel Efficient Boats

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when buying a new boat. By using less fuel, you can take longer trips and get more enjoyment from every dollar you put into the gas tank. While efficiency might seem like something only car buyers are concerned about, it’s actually an important part of purchasing a boat as well.

At Scout, we are proud to manufacture some of the most fuel efficient boats on the water. With special features, sleek designs, and advanced engines, a Scout boat will give you more time on the water with every tank of fuel!


A major component of fuel efficiency for boats is the hull design. Your boat needs to cut through the water with minimum drag. At Scout Boats, we have crafts ranging from 17 to 42 feet, so it would make little sense for us to use the same hull design for each. These boats aren’t the same size, shape, or weight—so why would you want the same hull design?

Many other boat manufacturers use the same basic design for all of their crafts. This means that boats at the large or small end of their lineup are sacrificing performance and efficiency. Fortunately, Scout has a hull design specifically built for all of our size classifications.


At Scout Boats, we use three specialized hull designs to create a more fuel-efficient boat. Each one of these hulls is made for a specific size-category, allowing different crafts of different proportions to have a structure that is uniquely tailored to maximize performance and efficiency.

  • NuV3 Hull Design. This design is a marvel of engineering that allows our smaller boats to maintain efficiency and performance. It also creates a smooth, dry ride while delivering speed and acceleration. Like all good hull designs, it helps the boat get to plane faster, reducing drag and resulting in even greater efficiency.
  • Air Assist Hull Design. This type of hull is made with a three-piece design that gives our medium-sized boats better efficiency and stability. It adds longitudinal buoyancy and decreases the time it takes for the craft to reach a plane. This design significantly improves handling while once again creating a more fuel-efficient boat.
  • Stepped Hull. This hull is used on our larger boats to achieve roughly 10 to 15% more performance over conventional hulls—all while giving a similar dead-rise. To create a dryer, faster, and better-performing boat, we have intentionally reduced the hull’s wetted surface. This allows for maximum performance while achieving a reduction in overall fuel use.

With these three incredible hull designs, our boats are more efficient while maintaining superior performance, acceleration, and handling.


Contact Scout Boats today to learn more about our complete lineup of fuel-efficient boats.

Online Boat Customizer: Maximize Your Boat’s Potential

Test Drive

If you are making a large purchase like a vehicle or house, you need to take your time so you can make the perfect choice. You are investing a lot of money on an item you’ll have for a long time, so you deserve to search through all of the available options to find something that fits your needs and has all the right features. This also applies to boats!

With Scout’s Build Your Boat feature, you can create the perfect craft for you and your family. You’ll be able to select the size, motors, features, and luxury accessories you need. From colors to engines, our online boat customizer ensures your craft makes you happy for years!


Other manufacturers only let you custom-build a few models. Scout, on the other hand, currently provides 20 different boats that you can customize to your own specific needs. This long list of boats includes large, luxurious vessels like the 420 LXF as well as small fishing boats like the 175 Sportfish. Our lineup includes all types of boats, and each one is fully customizable to your preferences. Whether you want a center console, dual console, or bay boat, you’ll find the right craft for years of enjoyment.


From entry-level boats like the 177 Winyah to top-of-the-line vessels like the 350 LXF, all of our boats can be built with accurate, reliable pricing information. You can pick and choose dozens of options, and all of them give you current pricing so you can make a fully-informed decision. Our online boat customizer even lets you see current specials, packages, and color assortments.

For example, if you are considering the 245 Dorado, you can crosscheck pricing for seven different engine packages—from the standard Yamaha F225XCA to the Mercury 300XL. Plus, you can choose from five different color options and select a Color Upgrade for the hull. And, you can pick and choose cushion colors, canvases and tops—or even price out plumbing and electrical upgrades with up-to-date, dependable pricing information.


So you’ve selected the boat you want and built it online, but you’re not quite sure of the purchase just yet. No problem! Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you with more information. You can submit your online boat customizer choices and we will answer any questions related to features, options, specials, and promotions.

The Scout Build Your Boat feature makes the boat purchase process easier than ever. You can customize a boat exactly how you like it, giving you complete confidence in your purchase. With 20 different boats, dozens of available options, and some of the finest service in the industry, our boat customizer should be your first stop when looking for a new vessel.


When you want a world-class luxury fishing boat, Scout is ready to meet your needs. Build your own custom boat today!