What Every Boat Owner Should Know About Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Boating is an exciting way to enhance your lifestyle. It should be about fun, friends, and family, but sometimes you have to talk about the serious stuff.

Boat insurance, for example, is one of those topics that might not be very exciting, but it’s something every boat owner should understand. With the right coverage, you can boat with confidence knowing you are properly insured.

Boat Insurance is a Requirement in Many Area

Some areas of the country have a minimum requirement for boat insurance, so you may be legally required to have a certain amount, depending on where you live and where you boat. Insurance protects against loss by fire, theft, and other causes, and we strongly recommend you have at least the minimum requirements. One thing is certain, insurance is a smart choice for responsible boating.

Wooden Boats Can Be Hard to Insure

Wooden boats are prone to rotting and damage, so finding quality insurance on these vessels can be challenging. Because of wood’s short lifespan on a boat, Scout has eliminated all wood products. This makes them last longer and can help you find more affordable insurance options.

Many Marinas Require Boat Insurance

If you plan on keeping your boat in a marina, there is a good chance you will be required to carry insurance. Large boats can cause a lot of damage, and marinas are constantly dealing with collisions and wrecks, so you can expect to get insurance if you plan on using a marina.

Uninsured Boaters Can Cause Major Problems

You may be the safest boater on the water, but other boaters can cause serious harm. Protecting yourself against damage caused by uninsured boaters may be more important than protection from liability damage. Look at your insurance program and give serious consideration to uninsured-boater protection.

Check Your Policy for Tow Coverage

Every boat insurance policy is different, so make sure you understand the details for your specific plan. Tow insurance is often sold as a separate package, but it may not be required if towing is already covered in your existing insurance.

Know Where You are Covered

Your insurance may not cover you in international waters or even up and down the coast, so make sure you know your limits. For example, many boat owners in Florida will travel down to the Bahamas. However, some insurance policies may not cover accidents in these waters, so you may need to contact your provider to get temporary coverage.

You May Be Able to Bundle Boat Insurance

One of the most convenient ways to pay for your boat insurance is bundling it with your current auto or home insurance. Many of the major insurance providers will offer discounts if you bring everything together, so talk with your insurance agent to see if you can save.

Find the Perfect Boat for Your Needs

Scout Boats is more than just a boat-building company; we’re a team dedicated to helping you find the right boat for your needs. We’d be happy to provide more information on insuring your Scout, so contact us today. With superior designs and outstanding materials, Scout Boats are the right choice for you!

Offshore Fishing Tips from Scout

Offshore Fishing Tips

Offshore Fishing Tips

At Scout Boats, we love fishing. It’s part of our culture and one of the biggest reasons we started building boats in the first place. Offshore fishing is one of our favorite activities. When done right, it can be an addictive sport that brings the most impressive fish in the water.

If you’re getting started in offshore fishing, take a look at these tips and tricks. You’ll be catching more fish and having more fun when you head offshore.

Have a Clear, Uncluttered Boat

While offshore fishing, you are going to catch some strong, energetic fish, and being able to move around the boat will be essential. You’ll have to maneuver to keep the line from going under the boat or to get the best position for leverage, but if you’re boat is cluttered with tackle boxes, lifejackets, coolers, and equipment, you’re making it harder than it has to be.

Target Reefs, Wrecks, and Structures

You want to cast a line where the fish are most congregated, and in saltwater fishing, that means reefs, wrecks, and other structures. These areas are havens for fish, places where they can breed, feed, and live with a roof over their heads. Predators know this too, so they will often target these locations for dinner. There are numerous species hanging out near structure, including tarpon, goliath grouper, and barracuda.

Look for Schools of Fish

Out in the deep open waters, it can be hard to locate reefs and structures, so look for schools of baitfish. These swimming buffet tables will attract billfish like marlin, swordfish, and sailfish, which are basically built for picking apart dense schools. You can spot schools of fish by looking for dark coloring in the water, but the best technique is to keep your eye to the sky, as birds will often hover above schools that have been pushed to the top by sailfish.

Ledges Bring Excellent Fishing

Drop offs also hold populations of fish. Many species will use ledges as highways during the transitional seasons so target these areas during the fall and spring and you should be able to catch your trophy.

Hire a Guide to Get Started

It might be hard for a proud boater to hire a guide, but if you are just starting in offshore fishing, you can learn a lot by hiring a professional. These are the experts that fish everyday for a living, and they don’t stay in business for long if they don’t know how to catch a trophy. Even if you are an experienced offshore angler, learning how the professionals do things, and seeing it first hand, can greatly enhance your fishing success.

Have a Safe, Reliable Fishing Boat

The right fishing boat can make a big difference in your offshore experience. Having rod holders, live wells, and other fishing features will help you spend more time casting a line. Because you’re heading miles away from shore, your boat should also be reliable, with a strong engine and a superior design.

Go Offshore Fishing with Scout Boats

If you have a passion for offshore fishing, make sure you have the right boat for the job. Check out the complete lineup of fishing boats from Scout to find the perfect vessel for your needs!

Tips for Having a Better Boating Experience

Tips for Boating

Tips for Boating

Let’s face it: boats are not a necessity. The fast majority of people don’t need a boat; they buy one because it makes them happy. It helps them bond with their family, escape the hustle-and-bustle of work, and relax for at least a few hours every time you want to take it out.

Unless you’re a commercial fishing captain, you buy a boat because you want to, not because you need to. Boating should be an enjoyable departure from your everyday life, and with these little tips, you’ll have more fun every time you go out.

Remember Your Safety Procedures

Yes, this post is about enjoyment, but before we start into the fun stuff, let’s get safety out of the way. Make sure you are following all boating safety regulations and practices, including life jacket count, passenger capacity, and speed restrictions. It might sound preachy, but by ensuring all safety measures are followed, you can relax and enjoy boating with no worry.

Keep the Boat Clean and Organized

Think about how great it feels to have a clean, uncluttered office. This same principle applies to your boat. When it is clear, clean, and uncluttered, it’s easier to use and more enjoyable for everyone on board. You won’t have to step over lifejackets or spend a half hour searching for the right fishing equipment when everything is organized.

Take Time for Different Activities

Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes. Going from the yacht club for lunch to the marina and back again gets old fast, so take time for a wide variety of activities, and try something new as often as possible. At Scout, we believe fishing should be part of every outing, but you can also try skiing, swimming, scuba diving, stopping at the beach, or simply cruising up the shoreline to a find a new restaurant.

Listen to Your Passengers

Your passengers should be a part of the experience, not just ride-along spectators. Listen to what they’re telling you. Is the water too choppy for some people? Would your group like to go fishing or get something to eat? Is it time to head in? A good boater will always take their passenger’s feedback to heart.

Choose the Right Boat

If you’re still in the market for a boat, take your time and choose the right one. Having the perfect boat for you and your family will make a big difference in your long-term enjoyment. What do you want to do with your boat? How much boating experience do you have? How many people do you want to bring along? Asking these questions before buying will help you have more fun for years and years.

Invite Different People

Boating has always been a social activity, so share it with people. No, you don’t have to invite everyone, but taking friends, family, or anyone else who might enjoy it will help you appreciate the experience.

Enjoy More Boating Adventures with the Best Fishing Boat

Having a safe, reliable, and comfortable fishing boat is part of the experience. Make sure you have a boat that makes you happy by choosing a Scout. Visit our website to check out all of our top-quality options, including bay boats, dual console, and center console boats.

Why a Scout Boat is the Perfect Yacht Tender

Yacht Tender

Scout Boats has a well-earned reputation for quality, performance, and comfort. Because of excellent designs and superior construction, Scout has become of the most popular brands to use as a yacht tender.

A tender is a smaller boat that is used as a transport for yachts. These boats need to be reliable and versatile, and yacht owners, people who expect the best from all products, demand excellence their yacht tenders.

Let’s take a look at why Scout Boats is one of the top choices for boaters seeking a high-quality yacht tender.

Luxurious Materials from End to End

Yachts are refined luxury ships, and owners of these vessels don’t want to sacrifice comfort and quality when they hop in the tender. With premium vinyl upholstery throughout the boat, a Scout offers excellent seating for everyone on board. The vinyl material is not only comfortable to the touch, it also resists staining and sun damage, helping it keep a supreme appearance for years.

High-Quality Convenience Features

Like a premium luxury car, a yacht is loaded with convenience features that make the experience more enjoyable and relaxing. A Scout Boat maintains the high level of convenience through top-notch features, including storage compartments throughout, modern electronics and technology, and a console designed to makes handling and navigation easier.

Reliable in Rough Seas and Weather

Yacht tenders have to be able to handle rougher seas, so many yacht captains have chosen Scout Boats. Our boats use a reverse shoebox design the helps maintain a sold hull and the proper shape for many years. This is one of the most essential parts of a Scout, as it allows yacht owners to rely on their boats through thick waves and calm waters.

Excellent for Fishing

One of the top activities for yacht trips is taking the tender on a fishing excursion. With Scout, you have one of the finest saltwater fishing vessels around. These boats have everything anglers expect, including rod holders throughout the entire boat. Scout Boats also have retractable cleats, which makes casting easier, as you won’t have to worry about catching your hook or snagging your line. Finally, Scouts have aerated live wells built into the boat, keeping your catch and your bait healthy. These features make fishing off a Scout Boat a luxury experience, which is what yacht owners have come to expect.

Quality Engines that You Can Count On

All boats need to have high-quality, reliable engines, especially yacht tenders, which are relied upon to move people and supplies. At Scout, we have partnered with the leader in outboard saltwater engines: Yamaha. Yamaha has such an incredible lineup of engines, that they own roughly 80% of the saltwater market. Not only are Yamaha engines reliable, strong, and efficient, they are also have a tremendous support system to help customers deal with any issues that might occur.

The Right Boat for Your Yacht

Whether you need a yacht tender, or simply want a high-quality fishing boat for your weekend adventures, make sure you have the quality and refinement of a Scout. Contact Scout Boats today and we’ll help you get the right vessel for your unique needs!