Creating Excellence in a World Class Facility

Scout Boats is proud to be a leader in the fishing boat industry. We create some of the finest vessels on the water, delivering comfort, performance, and luxury to docks all over America.

Each and every Scout comes through our state-of-the-art facility, where our culture of excellence is put into action. There are many departments that make up our manufacturing facility, and we’d like to share a few examples to show you how Scout Boats is always creating excellence.

Meticulously Clean Facility

Before we can even mention individual departments and areas, we need to talk about the cleanliness of our facilities. It doesn’t matter how advanced your technology is, if we have a plant that is cluttered and dirty, we can’t build a great product. Messes not only lead to lower quality, they also create safety hazards, and therefore keeping a clean facility is part of our safe working environment.

At Scout, we believe that the environment where people work will effect the final results, so each department thoroughly cleans their surroundings. Anyone familiar with the boat-building industry will know that this is an uncommon trait. Many plants have messy work stations and cluttered facilities, but we take pride in being exceptional, and this includes the cleanliness and organization of our facility.

The Test Tank

Test Tank
Hand-picked boats from Plant A, which creates our smaller boats, and all boats from Plant B, which builds boats larger than 24 feet, get taken to our test tank, an advanced piece of equipment that tests them in moving water. The test tank also showers rain on the boat, which allows us to test the joints, hatches, and other connecting points for leaks. This is part of our thorough Quality Control process, and it has become a vital component in our facility.

Small Parts Department

Small Parts Department
All the components that are attached to a Scout are created by our team in the small parts department, including the consoles, boxes, stringer systems, and more. We achieve near perfection in our parts thanks to an advanced cold-press operation, which we developed in-house. The molds go through a gel-coating booth before rolling to a pneumatic press, which applies a tremendous amount of pressure until the part cures. With this system, we achieve a world-class finish that has become standard for all Scout Boats.

Light Tunnel

Light Tunnel
In normal factory lighting, it can be hard to spot minor blemishes and scratches. When you get out on the water, however, the bright sunlight will illuminate any imperfections in the finish. For this reason, we invested in an advanced light tunnel, which replicates bright sunlight and helps us spot areas that need more attention. We wheel each boat into the light tunnel, ensuring the perfect finish when it’s delivered to you.

These are just a few examples of what makes up our state-of-the-art facility, located in the beautiful city of Summerville, South Carolina. While our facility is a source of pride, it’s our tremendous people that bring out the excellence in Scout Boats.

Scout: A History of Uncompromising Quality

Scout Boats is one of the most successful boating companies in the world. This statement doesn’t come from sales numbers or profit margins; it comes from quality products, outstanding service, and an uncompromising culture of excellence.

Through its history, Scout has maintained a commitment to doing things right and building a strong, high-integrity company.

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A World-Class Organization from Humble Beginnings

Scout’s owner, founder and president Steve Potts, has been working in the boat-building industry since he was 14. Working in various jobs, from a ground-level employee as a teenager to a plant manager for American Sail, he always knew that one day he would go off and do his own thing. But Steve also understood the risks involved with any entrepreneurial leap, so he worked hard, gained more knowledge, and saved $50,000, which he used to launch Scout Boats.

When Steve started his boat-building company, it was just himself, his wife Dianne, and a helper or two. He was working from a garage or a barn; wherever he could set up shop and get to work.

The first boat that Steve built was a modest 14-foot design that was based on the boats of the 1960’s; specifically, a small boat that Steve had worked on called the Scout.

During the 1970’s, the simple Scout design and name disappeared, but Steve had such fond memories of that simple, effective fishing boat that he wanted to continue the name.

The first design was a high-end, finely finished fishing boat. It was simple, but it was definitely a saltwater fishing boat. By early 1989, Steve was working with about seven dealers in the Carolinas. He would build boats during the week and deliver them on the weekend; during his few moments of spare time, he would develop newer, larger models. He was making ends meet and building his business, but most importantly, he was living his dreams.

Hurricane Hugo

The true test of a company is it’s ability to thrive during difficult setbacks. The first major setback for Scout Boats came in September of 1989, a month that few people in the southern Atlantic region will forget. Hurricane Hugo leveled the brick barn Steve was operating in, forcing Steve, his wife, and his two children to sift through the rubble, salvage whatever they could, and attempt to rebuild. Eventually, the building was rebuilt, and Steve and his family got back on their feet.

Thanks to meticulous engineering, advanced designs, and a culture of accountability, Scout Boats began to thrive. There was almost no real competition because Scout was building something that people had never seen before. The level of detail was phenomenal. Everything was polished and given dedicated attention, even things that usually go overlooked, like the bottom of the fiberglass lids.

Eventually, Steve brought his boats to a major boating show. When the people in attendance saw his creation, they new it was something special. Steve would walk away from that show with a list of 31 dealers who wanted his boats in their showrooms. According to Steve, it was like going from feast to famine.

Bright FutureThe challenge for Steve now became managing the growth of Scout Boats. Steve had to be more than an innovative boat builder, he has to be involved with management, marketing, accounting, and more. Most of all, he has to be a leader for an expanding business.

Steve’s leadership was once again tested during the economic recession of 2008. While other boat companies were folding or being consumed by mergers and acquisitions, Scout Boats continued its upward climb. From 2008 to 2010, Scout actually launched 18 new models, all but reinventing the company with bigger boats, unique styles, and enhanced performance. Since 2009, Scout has seen about 25% annual growth.

The future is bright for Scout Boats, but it will always look to its history of innovation and dedication to excellence.

Great Fishing Boats for High Standards

If you have a passion for greatness, you can get a boat that meets your higher standards. Visit our website and take a look at our large selection of world-class fishing boats and yacht tenders.

Scout Strata-Mounts Extra Strength for More Power

An outboard boat motor can be large, heavy, and powerful. Not only will it put a lot of weight on the back or the boat, it will push a massive amount of force into the structure of the hull. For this reason, strong, reliable construction is essential, especially for larger boats that may be carrying three or four outboard motors for excessive amounts of power.

Scout is dedicated to building the finest boats on the water, and one of the ways we have achieved this is through our innovative Strata-Mount design.

Designed for Strength

Designed for StrengthWhen multiple engines are mounted to a boat, it creates strain that can slowly wear away the integrity of the hull. We recognized this issue and set out to create a design that would enhance the strength and integrity of a vessel. With the development of our Strata-Mount, we have accomplished our goal of strength and reliability. With a more strategic design, our boats can hold up while using bigger, heavier motors that may damage other boats. Thanks to intelligent engineering, you can rest assured that a Scout is built to last.

We developed the Strata-Mount system to withstand the weight and force of multiple heavy and powerful engines by using two main longitudinal grid stringers that pass through the transom, which is essentially the back wall of the boat. These stringers are integrated into the engine mount, which allows the weight and force of the engines to be spread out over a larger area, reducing the stress on any single point. Not only will this increase the strength and durability of your boat, it will also enhance your performance on the water.

Stringer Grid System

Stringer Grid SystemWith a Strata-Mount system, we have not only enhanced the strength of the engine mounting, we have also enhanced the strength of the swim platforms. We also use state-of-the-art components, including materials that are used in composite aircraft.

Our stringer grid system is designed to function like a backbone for your boat. Without a strong backbone, your body wouldn’t have the strength to stand and hold up your head. The same basic principle is in effect for boats, so we made sure that the Strata-Mount design gives your boat plenty of strength from front to back.

Our Strata-Mount system is designed specifically for larger boats like the 225 XSF Sportfish. It is made entirely from a factory-molded bracket that allows the stringers to pass through the transom. Thanks to innovative engineering, the system works with the engine mounts as if they were a single piece.

Excellent Fishing Boats with Durable Construction

Visit our website today to learn more about our innovative design and engineering, including the game-changing Strata-Mount system. No matter how you plan on using your boat, you can get the right features and the best design to make sure you are happy and safe on the water. You deserve a boat that is reliable, efficient, and comfortable, so stop by today and let us help you find the right boat for your summer.

8 Tips for Boating with Kids

Boating is one of the great enjoyments in life, but if you plan on hitting the water with kids, you need to take some extra steps. Children have specific needs, so keep these eight tips in mind to keep your kids safe and happy on the water.

1. Comfortable Lifejackets

Comfortable Life Jackets
When taking kids on the boat, you need to have lifejackets that fit right and are made to support their weight. An uncomfortable lifejacket will quickly make a child want to head for the dock. Since they need to wear the jacket the entire time, make sure it fits comfortably.

2. Remind Them of the Rules

Remind Them of the Rules
Before you start the engine, remind them of the rules, including no leaning over the rail, staying seated while the boat is moving, and keeping their lifejackets on throughout the trip. Even if they have boated with you before, a quick review of the safety rules is essential.

3. Warn Them About Hatch Covers

While you’re reviewing the rules, remind kids to watch out for pinch point like doors and hatch covers. Many kids are injured inside the boat due to these hazards, so remind them of the dangers and always keep an eye out for their safety.

4. Teach Them About the Radio

Teach Them About the Radio
You simply never know what might happen, so make sure everyone on your boat can call for help, even the children. Show them how to operate the radio system and tell them the proper techniques to calling for help in case of an emergency.

5. Pack Plenty of Sunscreen

Pack Plenty of Sunscreen
Sunburns are no fun at all, especially for young kids. Make sure you pack water-resistant, multi-spectrum sunblock that is rated at least SPF 30. You should reapply this sunscreen at least every two hours, helping ensure your kids don’t come home with a painful burn.

6. Watch Out for Seasickness

Watch Out for Seasickness
Kids are often more susceptible to motion sickness than adults, so be prepared to deal with a nauseous child. There is a Dramamine product approved for children ages 2 to 12, so pack some of this in your bag. You can also include ginger ale, 7-Up, pretzels and crackers to settle their stomachs in case they get a little queasy.

7. Wet Kids = Cold Kids

Wet Kids = Cold Kids
When a kid gets wet, they get cold much faster than adults, so pack extra clothes and a nice big towel to help them stay warm. Even on warmer days, the wind from a moving boat can chill kids quickly, so be prepared to keep them warm all day.

8. Fishing Break

Fishing Break
Okay, maybe this one isn’t just for kids. Make a few stops at your favorite fishing spot and let the kids try to reel in some fish. Children can get bored fast, so a nice fishing break is perfect to add variety and excitement to your boating experience.

Excellent Fishing Boats for Any Family

Excellent Fishing Boats for Any Family
No matter how many people you have in your group, you can find a boat that will keep everyone in your family happy. Visit our website and to learn why so many families across the country put their trust in Scout boats.

Scout Boats: A Culture of Excellence

Scout is world-renowned for creating top-quality boats that are comfortable, convenient, and innovative. It takes a special kind of business culture to reach such a reputation, so at Scout we have committed ourselves to creating a culture of excellence. Everything we do, from hiring employees, to manufacturing our boats, to working with our dealers, is done with the utmost dedication and pride.

Our culture of excellence is used in even the smallest tasks and we are determined to exceed all customer expectations by providing a pleasant experience long after you hit the water.


At Scout, being accountable is everything. Accountability ensures that we reach the highest standards that we have set for ourselves and help us achieve excellent results that we strive for.

One of the systems we use to ensure accountability is our Birth Certificate tag that marks every boat we make. The certificate is filled with information from the boats manufacturing, including who did what and when. It will have the data related to the boat’s gel coating and resins, such as temperatures, gel times, and more. With these birth certificates, we are able to check and double-check all the work that has been done, keeping everyone from leaders to team members fully accountable.

Customer Service

While creating a quality product is crucial to our success, we never neglect customer service. We’ve worked so hard at perfecting our customer service that the National Marine Manufacturers Association has ranked our company at the top for customer satisfaction. This is due in large part to our excellent staff and support team. We are always ready to help with any of your needs or questions, and we would be happy to help you get the most enjoyment from your purchase.

Strong Dealer Network

We are very proud of the strong dealer network that we have established, which helps you select the right boat while working with a fair and honest sales team. As a manufacturer, it is crucial that the people who sell our products are service-oriented professionals who put the needs of the customer first. Not only do we want to make our customers happy, but we also strive for the feelings of satisfaction and excitement after making a great purchase.

Several of our dealers have ended up in the boat industry’s top 100-dealer list, and we are continuously grading them on service and customer support. Our dealer network is the best in the industry, and it’s critical piece of Scout’s culture of excellence.

Employee Retention

Successful companies are the ones who keep and take care of its good team members. At Scout, we have one of the best manufacturing team in the country, with a wide range of skills and talents. Within our employee base, about 80% of the staff have been with us for ten years of longer. Without the hard work and commitment from these people, we would not be able to create the amazing boats you can find all over the world. These are world-class builders working on top-notch boats.

High-Quality Fishing Boats from Scout

When you are looking for a great boat, look no further than Scout. Visit our website and you can find top-quality boats that will meet your specific needs. Whether you are going deep-sea fishing or just cruising around the water, you’ll get a great boat and excellent service when you purchase a Scout.

How Radar Has Changed Fishing Forever

If you’re going offshore fishing, you’re going to need radar. What was once used only for war ships, it’s now one of the most important tools on many fishing boats.

In the late 19th century, German inventor Heinrich Hertz successfully demonstrated that radio waves bounce off metallic objects. He didn’t know it at the time, but his discovery launched one of the most important inventions in nautical history.

While Hertz’s work was paramount, it wouldn’t be put to major use until the early 20th century, when another German, Christian Hulsmeyer, built a simple yet effective ship-detection device. By using short pulses of radio waves, the technology could detect the distance and direction of an object. The U.S. Signal Corps further tweaked and enhanced the systems, becoming the first to use the term “RADAR” in 1939.

It saw rapid advancement during World War II, changing the way naval warfare is conducted. Eventually, radar would become one of the most important inventions for other uses, such as fishing and recreational boating.

Navigating the Coasts

For years, fishing vessels relied on light, the stars, maps, and compasses to navigate from one area to another. Offshore fishing required following lighthouses and navigation tools to maneuver safely near shore, as well as the expert training and experience to use them. Even with these methods, wrecks along coasts and islands were all too common. With the invention of radar, however, fishing boats could detect the presence of coasts, structures, and other boats without actually seeing them. This technology made boating and fishing safer and more effective, allowing anglers to stay on the water for longer periods of time.

Identifying other Vessels

All the pre-radar navigation tools in the world couldn’t tell you if another boat was in the area; only your vision could do that. With large vessels, making fast turns can be difficult and dangerous, but with the invention of radar, boats can now give each other plenty of space without ever seeing one another. This is particularly important for offshore fishing boats that could have miles of anchor ropes and fishing lines. With radar, both commercial and hobby anglers can give each other plenty of space, keeping lines untangled and creating safer waters to fish and boat.

Weather Information

Perhaps the biggest threat to a fishing boat is unexpected weather events. Before radar, there were techniques for predicting the weather and making educated guesses on what storms might be headed in your direction. Now that we have radar, we can make even better judgements on boating conditions, and anglers out on the water can have more advanced notice on upcoming weather. With radar, we can be safer on the water and head to the docks long before a storm is in sight.

Reliable Boats for Seas, Lakes, and Rivers

Whether you’re heading to the lake to catch some pan fish or traveling off shore to catch a monster marlin, Scout has the right fishing boat for you. With innovative designs, high-quality materials, and some of the most advanced technologies available, Scout is a leader in boating and fishing. Visit our website to discover why Scout is the name that all anglers trust.

Putting Only the Best into Your Boats

Nothing is more important than the materials used in your boat. You may have the best design in nautical history, but without good materials, the effort is wasted.

At Scout, we make it a priority to use high-quality materials on every square-inch of our boats, from hull materials to seating fabrics. When you purchase a Scout, you’re getting a boat that is built to last, with quality materials and world-class parts. We make sure everything, down to the smallest detail, meets your higher standard, so keep reading to learn more about the excellent materials that come together to make a Scout.

Premium Vinyl Materials

One of the first things you may notice about a Scout is the high-quality vinyl that we use throughout the boat. This vinyl protects against staining, fading, and mold ensuring that you have top-notch seating for you and your passengers. The vinyl we put into your Scout is easy to clean and maintain, and you can easily remove ink, ketchup, fish blood, wine, and any other material that might leave a stain on another boat. If you plan on fishing in your boat, eating with kids, or simply letting your group enjoy a glass of wine, you’ll really appreciate the top-notch vinyl in a Scout.

Whale Board

Another material, although one you won’t be able to admire with your eyes, is our whale board, a highly-compressed paper that we use for holding screws. It has a better retention than aluminum, so we use whale board to attach item like cleats, swim platforms, t-tops, seating, and more. We even use it behind hinges to ensure that doors and other moving items hold strong and stay firmly in place. It’s a tough, reliable backing plate that ensures your boat stays in great condition for many years.

High-Quality Small Parts

We create our own component parts, ensuring that everything inside a Scout meets your high standards. This includes our consoles, boxes, stringer systems, and other items that you will find on a Scout. We use a unique cold press operation that we developed ourselves, implementing a large amount of pressure to create a strong, long-lasting piece. You’ll get a boat with a world-class finish thanks to our advanced resin-compound, a low-shrink material that is superior to any product developed by the competition.

No Wood is Ever Used on a Scout

While we are very proud of what we use in a Scout, we are also proud of what we do not use. Specifically, wood. Over time, wood will rot and lose its strength, so we learned that boats will last much longer, and maintain a higher quality, if it has no wood. Instead, everything we use through the boat is a composite material, including transoms, stringers, decks, and more. While wood may look elegant and warm, a vessel with no wood is going to last much longer, helping you get more enjoyment and more value from your boat.

Quality Boats with the Finest Materials

Visit our website today to learn more about the quality materials and world-class innovations that make Scout boats stand out from the crowd. You can find the boat that you have always dreamed of, so contact us today or use our dealer locator to find a Scout in your area!

Scout’s Superior Design, Development, and Research Process

At Scout Boats, we take pride in creating unique, world-class boats that meet the needs of anglers and boaters of all experience levels. One of the reasons that Scout Boats stands out from the competition is our superior design, development, and research process. We strive to stay at the forefront of the industry, so at any given time we have four to six new boats going through research and development.

Not all designs will become Scout vessels, but our research and development process helps us create boats that are unmatched in quality, engineering, and style.

Using Ideas from Many Industries

At Scout, we get our inspiration for our boat designs from many sources including a wide variety of other boats, automotive trends and even the housing industry. We take into consideration many different designs and materials to create some of the most unique, stylish, and comfortable boats on the water.

We love going to boat shows and seeing all the latest designs, but we don’t just focus on boats that are similar to ours; we look at everything. From small aluminum fishing boats to multimillion-dollar yachts, we want to see it all so that we can get the best inspiration for your next boat.

Our designers and leaders also attend automotive shows, looking at state-of-the-art designs for vehicle exteriors, as well as innovations for interior comforts and conveniences. We also stay up-to-date on the housing industry, which allows us to consider design features and materials like hardwood flooring and granite countertops.

We Do Our Research

After conducting research and generating creative ideas, our designers will sketch out their newest model. These sketches happen whenever inspiration strikes. We might draw out our ideas on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or on the nearest napkin, as long as we are putting our ideas down.

From there, our engineering team does their work. These highly skilled professionals create digital 3D-models of our designs, allowing us to look at the idea from all angles. Creating a model with our computers allows us to make changes quickly, whether these changes are simple or complex.

Extra Steps for the Perfect Design

Because we take such a large pride in creating quality boats, we use one final step in our research and development process. After we have the design how we want it, we create a physical, full-scale model that we can walk in, sit in, and scrutinize. Having a life-size model allows us to find quirks and problems that we may not have noticed at first glance with the 3D-model. For example, space may be too tight or the layout might simply look awkward once it’s been built to full scale. With this extra step, we can make changes and adjustments until we have the right design to send to the production floor.

Get a High-Quality Boat from Scout

Whether you are looking for a top-notch fishing boat, or want a luxury vessel that you and your family can enjoy for hours, you need to visit our website and learn more about our high-quality products. You can find the perfect boat for your unique needs, so visit us today!

Tips for Taking Boat Out After Winter

If you live in a cold-weather climate, you probably put your boat in storage for the winter. Even warm areas like Florida, South Carolina, or California will see people put their boats away for the winter months.

You might be getting anxious for boating and fishing season, but you still need to take the time to prep your boat after winter. It may have been months since your boat has seen water, so keep these tips in mind before you head out…

Give Your Boat a Thorough Cleaning

Before you head out on the water, take the time to give it a complete cleaning. This will help protect the materials and ensure that your boat keeps its value for years. Even if your boat was thoroughly cleaned before you put it away for winter storage, you still need to do some basic cleaning. Some of the general cleaning you should do included wiping and polishing all of the hard surfaces and vinyl seating, vacuuming the interior, and power-wash any hard surfaces like the deck and windows.

Your Boat’s Engine

The last thing you want is to get to the water only to find out your boat motor needs repairs or maintenance. At Scout, we only use the most reliable engines available, but you’ll still need to run a meticulous inspection on your boat’s motor just to be sure. You should change the oil, lubricate moving parts, inspect the spark plugs, and make sure the fuel lines are in top-notch condition. If you want to be 100% sure that your motor is ready for the water, take it to a certified mechanic and have them give it a spring inspection.

Inspect and Maintain Boat Parts

Give your boat a thorough inspection on all of its parts, including hoses, lighting, door hinges, and any other moving parts. While Scout is dedicated to building boats that last for years and years, it never hurts to check everything out. Other items you will want to inspect include pumps, tie-down cleats, and any winches that you may have on your boat. Like the motor, you can have a trained professional inspect these items for you to ensure that everything is covered.

Stock Up on Safety Equipment

We take boating safety very seriously, building boats that are safe, comfortable, and reliable, but you still need to do your part to maintain safety on the water. Taking your boat out of winter storage is a great time to make sure all of your safety equipment is still up to your high standard. Count the number of life jackets that you have available, and make sure your boat has a throwaway life preserver. Do you have kids? There’s a good chance they have grown over the winter and you may need to purchase new life jackets. You’ll also want to make sure that your flares will still work and your fire extinguisher hasn’t expired.

High-Quality Boats for Any Season

No matter where you live, no matter what water activities you enjoy, you can have a high-quality fishing boat that is comfortable, convenient, and reliable. Visit our website to learn more about our complete lineup of incredible boats!

Scout: The Right Boat for Your Family

If you are considering a boat for your family, you can’t go wrong with a Scout. Scout boats have plenty of options that will help you get the most enjoyment from your boating experience. We take the time to create high-quality boats that don’t just meet the needs of hardcore boaters, but also families who want to enjoy some quality time on the water.

So why is Scout the best boat for your family? Because we develop boats with three important characteristics: comfort, convenience, and reliability.

Keeping Everyone in Your Family Comfortable

Comfort is an important part of every boat we create. We use high-quality materials and design our boats to be comfortable, spacious, and relaxing.

One of the first things you will notice is the premium vinyl materials that we us on our seating. These materials are comfortable to the touch and are built to last for years thanks to nano-block technology. They are resistant to stains, whether they come from food, drinks, or fish bait, and are also resistant to UV rays, which can fade and wear out materials over time. The vinyl also resists mold, helping you and your family have a high-quality boat that lasts for years.

Scout boats have comfortable seating throughout, including a bow lounge area that is perfect for two people. There is seating toward the front and the back, and plenty of space for everyone to relax.

Convenience for a Fantastic Boating Trip

Scout boats also offer excellent convenience to make your boating easier and more accessible for your family. One of the most popular features will be the custom-molded swim platform, which perfectly fits to the back of the boat. This platform has a ladder and handle to help you pull yourself into the boat, while the ladder folds into the platform itself, making it easier to sit on.

At the front of many Scout boats, there is a foldout picnic table with a cooler underneath. This feature is great for a family that is spending a full day on the boat, as you can keep your beverages cool and have a nice place to sit and eat.

Inside a Scout boat, you’ll also find a cell phone charger and an MP3 player, and some models even come equipped with a head for extra convenience when nature calls.

A Safe, Reliable Boat for Your Family

Safety and reliability should be a top-priority for your boat purchase. With aScout, you’ll have a boat that is 100% unsinkable, thanks to meticulous design, advanced engineering, high-quality construction. We take boating reliability to a higher level. For example, during the build process, we use 20% more foam than what is required by the Coast Guard.

A Family Friendly Boat from Scout

Visit our website today to learn more about the comfort, convenience, and reliability of Scout Boats. With all the best features and premium materials, Scout has everything you need to keep your group happy. You and your family will love your Scout, so contact us today and let us help you find the right boat for your specific needs.